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Duck farming with fish means double profit 

Know from expert NS Rahmani how to start Fish Cum Duck Farming, Learn how to earn double profit from Fish cum Duck farming


In today’s time, along with farming, farmers adopt many co-businesses to increase their income. With these businesses, he strengthens his economic condition. Today we are going to tell you about duck farming with fish. Of course, this may be a new business for many people, but it can be a profitable business for those who do fish farming. Farmers of India had a special conversation with NS Rahmani, Deputy Director of Fisheries Department, Varanasi, Uttar Pradesh regarding duck farming business with fish.

Every time something or the other is updated in agriculture and related businesses. Many new things come to the fore. But there are some methods, which have been running since ancient times and have also been found correct in modern research. It also has fish cum duck farming. By adopting this, fish farmers can take double benefit.

Duck farming
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Duck-fish mate

NS Rahmani, Deputy Director of Fisheries Department, Varanasi, says that often you would have seen a herd of ducks wherever there is water availability in the pond. If duck farming is done along with fish farming, then both the businesses get support from each other and the cost of production comes down considerably.

A fish meal will cost you about 75 percent less. On the other hand, ducks clean the pond by eating the dirt. Swimming in the water of ducks also increases the oxygen level of the pond. This also leads to good growth of fish.

Duck Farming
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Technique of doing duck farming business with fish 

If duck farming is to be done along with fish farming, then perennial ponds are selected, whose depth should be at least 1.5 m to 2 m. According to the space of 2 square feet per duck, housing can be made on the top or any side of the pond. Ducks roam the ponds during the day and need shelter at night. A duck enclosure should be made on the pond with bamboo and wood. The enclosure should be well ventilated and secure.

In ducks, ‘Indian runner’ is considered a good species. ‘Khaki Campbell’ is considered the best variety for eggs. They get up to 250 eggs in a year. Ducks usually start laying eggs at the age of 24 weeks. Ducks lay eggs for 2 years. If there is a pond of one acre, then easily 250 to 300 ducks can be reared.

Duck farming
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Duck Diet Management 

Deputy Director NS Rahmani further informs that the diet will cost you about 30 percent less. It is necessary to give 120 grams of feed daily to ducks, but in duck farming along with fish, giving 60-70 grams of feed can complete the amount of diet. Apart from this, the oxygen level of the water is maintained by the duck swimming in the water, which is very important for the fishes. Along with this, the fishes get food from duck’s beat, which means less expenditure on their diet.

He told that the fishes should be given mustard oil cake, paddy husk, mineral mixture, grass berseem, oats, vegetable peel and ready-made feed in the market. You can bundle all these in a gunny bag and hang them half immersed in a pond.

Duck farming
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Fish farming techniques

NS Rahmani said that when duck farming is to be done along with fish  farming, fish spawn should not be put in the pond as ducks can eat them. You will be harmed. That’s why 4 to 5 thousand fingerlings should be put in one acre pond. It includes different species of fish. A certain ratio of these species can also give you more benefits. Different species of fish feed on food available at different levels inside the pond.

Double profit from duck farming with fish 

Dr. Rahmani told that within 6 to 9 months, fishes weighing one to 1.5 kg are grown. 20 to 25 quintals of fish can be produced in one acre of pond area, from which a net profit of Rs 5 to 6 lakh can be earned. On the other hand, a profit of 3 to 4 lakh rupees can be earned annually from duck farming.

Duck Farming
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Talking about our country, duck farming is a very popular business in the entire area of ​​Eastern India for eggs and meat. Duck rearing farmers can earn good profit by sending duck eggs to the states of eastern India. 

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