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Energy Conservation is the need of the hour – Women can play a vital role

Solar energy is the best alternative to conventional energy.


Energy Conservation | It is increasing rapidly in our country, but its alternative sources are not so much. In such a situation, it is very important that everyone uses the available sources of energy very carefully. Especially the responsibility of women is more because domestic work also consumes a lot of energy, which women can reduce by showing a little understanding. Along with this, they should know about modern machines and facilities, only then they can make a significant contribution to energy conservation.

According to an estimate, by 2025, the world population will reach 8.2 million, so it is obvious that energy consumption will increase a lot. Energy plays an important role in the development of any country or region, so it is necessary to use it very thoughtfully. There is participation of women in agriculture as well, in such a situation, by adopting energy conservation measures, they can make an important contribution in this field as well.

Energy Conservation
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Small but Important things

  • When we talk about energy conservation in domestic work, then women should start from the kitchen only. Do not cook food for a long time to save gas.
  • Cook food in a cooker instead of a pan or pan.
  • Make all the preparations before lighting the gas and keep all the things in front.
  • Do not add too much water to cook the vegetable so that it has to dry for a long time.
  • Soak the dal in water for half an hour before, it will cook quickly.
Energy Conservation
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Energy saving plant

Women can save energy by using these plants:

Domestic Solar Light – Solar panel is installed on the roof of the house. This panel absorbs sunlight during the day and converts it into electricity which is stored in a solar battery. The specialty of solar lights is that they automatically start at night and turn off during the day.

Solar Cooker – This is a special type of appliance that runs on solar energy. There is no need for coal, wood, electricity, gas, etc. for its use, which means fuel is saved. Along with this, there is no pollution in the kitchen and the food also becomes more nutritious.

Solar Lantern – Solar energy is a great alternative to conventional energy. Many things can be done using it. Many types of plants have been made for the use of solar energy, one of them is the solar lantern which is very useful for areas where there is no electricity or there is no electricity for a long time. It also allows babies to grow at night. It emits as much light as a 60-watt bulb.

Energy Conservation
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Solar Pump – Using this does not require diesel, electricity, and kerosene. In this way, energy will be saved and farmers will be benefitted. This pump can do irrigation with a capacity of 600 to 900 watts. Many states are running schemes to provide solar pumps to farmers, information about which you will find online.

Gasy Fire – With the help of this special plant, electricity is produced for irrigation.

Biomass – Energy is obtained by putting a special type of bacteria, i.e., waste, green fodder, and agricultural products. One kilo of wood is consumed to generate one horsepower of electricity in one hour from biomass.

Energy Conservation
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Biogas – It is produced from a biochemical process, in which certain types of bacteria convert organic waste into usable biogas. This gas can be used for cooking in the kitchen. Not only this, it is very beneficial to use the remaining waste of biogas as manure.

Whether it is home or farm, women have an important contribution everywhere, in such a situation, the steps taken by them for energy conservation are very important.

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