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Know how this farmer of Bihar sowed the seeds of success with seed production, the goal was not easy

Best seeds are the basis of successful farming


Just as a strong foundation is necessary for a building, in the same way quality seed is essential for a good harvest. Keeping this in mind, a farmer from Bihar chose the business of producing good seeds. Solved a major problem of the farmers of his area.

If the seeds are good, then not only the productivity of the crop increases, but the risk of pests and diseases is also less and good seeds are ready for future also. Generally people give more emphasis on fertilizers, pesticides to increase productivity, but do not think about the quality of seeds, while that is most important. Seed is the basis of successful farming. Realizing this, a farmer from Bihar, Anil Kumar Singh started seed production instead of cultivating crops and was successful in it.

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 seed production
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Out-of-the-box thinking 

Anil Kumar Singh, a resident of Sahari village in Patna district of Bihar, decided to grow seeds instead of doing traditional farming on his 2 hectares of land. He realized that farmers do not get quality seeds of different crops for good yield. 

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He also found that high-yielding and disease-resistant hybrid seeds are constantly being developed, but not all of them reach the farmers. He started liaising with Patna-based Agricultural Technology Management Agency (ATMA), Kanpur-based Indian Pulses Research Institute and other agencies.

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Wide market access

He learned about new scientific methods combined with new hybrid seed production technology. After that he started cultivating seeds. The results were not very good in the first time, but they got the result of constant effort and hard work. By the next season they had fixed a lot of things and the production went well. He started providing improved hybrid seeds to the farmers of his area. But he did not want to be confined to his field only. He soon enlisted the help of Patna-based Bihar State Seed Corporation (BRBN) to reach the wider market for seeds.

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In this way, now their income has increased many times more than before. Anil Kumar believes that to be successful, you need to think differently, because a unique idea, hard work and scientific thinking can only go ahead. 

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