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Farmers adopt crop rotation instead of planting only one crop

Cultivation of seasonal vegetables and improvement in crop cycle brought a big change, know how Santosh Kumari became an example


Instead of growing a single crop and vegetables, if farmers cultivate seasonal vegetables and adopt crop rotation, farmers can meet their nutritional needs while increasing their income. Santosh Kumari, a farmer from Mainpuri district is doing the same. Santosh’s family never had the money to buy enough vegetables. This did not meet her nutritional needs, but by following the advice of Krishi Vigyan Kendra, Santosh’s income not only increased, but now she is also growing a variety of seasonal vegetables.

The needs of the family were not met 

Santosh Kumari, a farmer from Bhadaura village in Mainpuri district, has only 1 hectare of cultivable land. The situation was such that due to non-availability of nutritious vegetables for the family, the health of the family members was also not good.

Actually, he could earn only about one lakh 25 thousand rupees annually from the crops of maize, potato and wheat. To meet the family’s requirement of vegetables, about 6 thousand rupees were spent annually on buying vegetables from the market. In such a situation, it was not possible for him to provide enough nutritious food to the family with such a low income.

crop rotation
Image Credit: ICAR

Nutrition Kitchen Garden Management

When Santosh Kumari came in contact with the scientists of Krishi Vigyan Kendra and participated in the training organized by KVK on Nutritional Kitchen Garden Management, she got a lot of information. Apart from creating awareness about the nutritional benefits of kitchen garden, KVK also informed them about the scope and opportunity for improving the crop rotation. He advised Santosh Kumari to plant different seasonal vegetables in the form of nutrition garden in 500 meter square area. He adopted maize-potato-cucumber and potato-arabi crop rotation. Along with planting its advanced varieties, proper management was also done.

Inspiring other women 

Today Santosh Kumari is not only growing different vegetables under the kitchen garden, but also cultivating improved varieties of crops like Maize, Potato, Wheat, Cucumber. She has also inspired 18 other women from her and nearby villages to have a keychain garden. She is making them aware not only about the economic benefits, but also about its health benefits.

crop rotation
Image Credit: ICAR

Increased income and recognition 

Santosh Kumari has been honored by KVK for her work as a trainer in different training programs. Crop rotation and cultivation of seasonal vegetables increased their income. It increased to about Rs 2 lakh 31 thousand. Income increased by 80 percent and consumption of vegetables by 120 percent. Thanks to the kitchen garden, he saved the expenditure on vegetables. Now consuming home grown vegetables has improved both the health and standard of living of his family. 

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