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Farmers can start their own Soil Testing Center, Here is how?

Soil is the main basis of farming, it is important to check its health from time to time


Just as you get lab tests done from time to time to detect deficiencies in your body, soil tests are very important to find out the fertility, variety and fertilizer requirements of the soil. It shows which nutrients are in excess and which are lacking in the soil. Accordingly, the yield of the crop is increased by using manure. Farmers can set up their own soil testing centers. Let’s know how. 

Not every farmer is able to get the soil tested, because one is not aware of this and secondly, the process takes more time. To solve this problem, Harvesto Group has started a special lab setup. With this farmers can start their own soil testing center. Kisan of India spoke to Harvesto Group Director Harsh Dahiya about this special machine.

How can I start my own lab? 

Harsh Dahiya told that any farmer can start a soil testing lab by joining his company. His company gives full support to the farmers. Marketing support is also provided to the farmers along with the product and technology.

Soil Testing machine
Soil Testing machine

How can a farmer join the company?

It is very easy for the farmers to join the company. They can join them by visiting the company’s website and start working. You can also connect with the company via phone or WhatsApp. As far as the cost of lab setup is concerned, it falls around Rs 1 lakh. Training and technical support is provided free of cost. If the farmer runs this lab properly, then the cost will be recovered in one and a half to two months and profits will start from the third month.

Soil Testing
Soil Testing machine

How does the machine work? 

The kit made for soil testing can be called a ‘digital doctor’ of soil. It will first test the soil nutrients on 14 parameters. Then it will ask to select the crop, it has data of more than 100 crops. After selecting the crop, it will also suggest the amount of fertilizer. A computer is fit inside it, which gives the correct information after doing a complete assessment.

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Why is soil testing important? 

It is important to know which nutrients are in the soil in what quantity for high yield of the crop. Also, it shows which soil is suitable for which crop. It tells about the need of compost for the improvement of soil capacity. Soil test should be done once in 3 years. Testing should be done when the soil moisture content is low.

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