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Farmers will get additional income from Tendu Leaf Business

Used in making beedi.


Tendu Leaf Business | To increase income from farming, many farmers keep on experimenting continuously. Some get involved in other activities related to agriculture and growing crops, while some increase their income by growing other things along with traditional crops. You can do a tendu leaf business if you also want to grow other things along with the crop. In our country, it is primarily cultivated in Madhya Pradesh.

The botanical name of the tendu leaf is Diospyros melanoxylon. Apart from this, it is known by different names in different places- in Andhra Pradesh, it is called Abnus. At the same time, it is known as Kendu in Orissa and West Bengal, Tembru in Gujarat, Kari in Kerala, Tembarni in Maharashtra, and Bali Tupra in Tamil Nadu. Tendupatta can become a good source of additional income for the farmers.

Why is it used in making Beedis?

Smoking beedi is harmful to health, yet it is produced on a large scale in many parts of the country. Especially in rural areas, it remains a means of livelihood even today. By the way, leaves of trees like Butea monosperma and Shorea robusta are used to make beedis.

Along with this, Palash leaves are also used in many places, but tendu leaves are mainly used because their leaves are thick, good in taste, flexible, bend easily, and can withstand fire. Has the ability to burn for a long time.

Tendu Leaf Business
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Other Uses

Tendu leaves are used in traditional Indian medicine to treat many diseases. The seeds are not used directly, as they can be intoxicating. Its fruits are eaten. Its bark is also astringent and is used to make a special kind of decoction, which is given in diarrhea.

License Required

If you want to do tendu leaf business, then for this you will have to take a license from the government and also get the GST of the business done. The government itself is trying to promote this business. In many places, museums have been set up by the government to store tendu leaves.

Tendu Leaf Business
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Leaf spoils quickly

If you are doing the business of tendu leaves, then you should know that its leaves spoil quickly, so do not pluck them beforehand. Break it as needed. Because its leaves get damp quickly and after getting damp, they do not get such a good price.

The highest demand for tendu leaves is in beedi making companies only. So if you are growing tendu leaves on a large scale, you can earn good profits by selling leaves to such companies by contacting them directly. Usually the cost of one sack of its leaves is 4-5 thousand rupees. However, the price may fluctuate according to the demand.

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