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Foldscope microscope protects crops from diseases and pests

This microscope will identify diseases and pests in the field itself, know about this invention


Small farmers especially those living in remote villages suffer huge crop losses every year due to diseases and pests. Due to this, they have to suffer financial loss. Farmers use pesticides, but sometimes due to a lack of accurate and timely information about the disease, the crop is damaged. 

In such a situation, it is very important that such a thing should be made for the farmers so that they can get accurate information about diseases and pests in the field itself so that by taking effective steps to prevent them at the beginning itself, the farmers can avoid losses. In 2014, Dr. Manu Prakash found a solution to this problem of the farmers. The solution is the paper-based foldscope microscope.

This microscope made of paper works like a real microscope and can be easily folded and carried anywhere. The Foldscope microscope is a very useful and effective tool for farmers, by which they can increase their income by increasing the crop.

Foldscope microscope
Image Credit: amazon

What is the specialty?

  • Foldscope microscope is very small in size and light. It can be easily folded and carried anywhere.
  • It works like a normal microscope and is very durable because it is made of paper.
  • It is used for the primary-level identification of diseases and pests.
  • It can be used for plants as well as animals.
  • Through this even very small insects can be identified.
  • By using this, farmers can avoid crop loss due to pests and diseases.
  • It is very cheap, its manufacturing cost is only Rs. 100. That’s why even small farmers can easily use it. 

How does it work? 

To use the Foldscope paper Microscope, lactophenol, slide, cover slip, needle, tape, brush, cotton wool, marker pen, tweezers and alcohol are required. First of all, to identify the disease and pest in an area, place the infected sample on a clean slide and then put a drop of Lactophenol on it. The specimen is placed with the help of forceps or needle. Then a cover slip is put on it. The prepared slide is placed in the foldscope for examination. It can be adjusted properly. The specimen can be viewed by attaching the mobile with the foldscope. You can also see it by zooming in the photo of the sample in mobile and you can also save it in mobile.

Foldscope microscope
Image Credit: semanticscholar

One specialty of foldscope microscope is that it does not require electricity and sunlight or L. E.D. It can be seen through Magnifier (LED Lighted Magnifying Glass). That’s why this equipment is also useful for farmers living in remote villages where there is no electricity. It can easily identify micro-diseases, so that farmers can use the right insecticide in time to save the infected crop. This saves the crop from getting wasted.

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