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Get seed production tips from Harjit Singh Grewal

Gives seeds to farmers at lower rates than branded companies, annual turnover is above 10 crores


Harjit Singh Grewal encouraged the farmers to produce good quality seeds. More than 100 farmers are engaged in seed production work through contract farming.

Harjit Singh Grewal is working with the mission of improving the income of farmers and bringing clean food to the plate of the people. Harjit Singh Grewal, who himself came from an agricultural family, was inclined towards farming from the beginning. Harjeet Singh, a master’s degree holder in Seed Science and Technology, had made up his mind to enter the field of seed production while still in college. After completing college, he started working in a seed production company. After this he thought why not open his own seed production processing unit and connect the farmers to it on a large scale. In a special conversation with Kisan of India, Harjit Singh Grewal told many things related to seed production.


More than 100 farmers are connected 

Harjit Singh, a resident of Nawada Kalan village in Hapur district of Uttar Pradesh started seed production from 10 bighas of land. He encouraged the farmers to produce good quality seeds. Through contract farming, he has connected more than 100 farmers with his seed production work.

Image Credit: National Institute of Agricultural Extension Management

Thousands of farmers of 200 villages buy seeds directly 

Today he is known among the farmers as an honest seed producer. Today more than thousand farmers of 200 villages of his area are associated with him. These farmers buy seeds directly from them and Harjeet Singh also gives them training related to planting seeds when needed. Harjeet Singh takes over the reins of seed production with a team of 10 people. His seed production business, which once started with ten bighas, is now spread over an area of ​​one thousand acres. For his contribution in the agriculture sector, NABARD, Hapur has also honoured him as a successful agricultural entrepreneur. 

Annual turnover around 10 crores 

During his studies, Harjit Singh did an internship with the Indian Agricultural Research Institute (IARI) and learned about the nuances of seed production. Apart from this, he also took training from Agri Clinic and Agri Business Center. As of today, the annual turnover of his company Harjit Singh Unique Hybrid Seeds Private Limited is around 10 crores.

Harjeet Singh’s advice, choose according to the region 

Harjit Singh told in the conversation that farmers who want to start large-scale seed production, they should do research about which seed production would be right according to their area. This is because the emphasis is on different crops in different regions. Giving examples, Harjit Singh points out that as emphasis is placed on the cultivation of wheat, sugarcane and potato in Uttar Pradesh, Haryana and Rajasthan produce large quantities of cotton.

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Find out about which products or crops are in high demand and what is the price in the market according to the region. At the same time, farmers can start it at a low cost by forming groups among themselves at small level. Even if you start on a small scale, you can earn good profits. 


Subsidy is available on seed production 

Harjit Singh’s initial investment in the field of seed production was around 5 lakhs. Under a scheme of NABARD, subsidy is also available on this. Harjit Singh Grewal explains that after taking training from Agri Clinic and Agri Business Center of NABARD, you can apply for the loan. Harjit Singh explains that the subsidy amount for the general category is about 35 percent and for the SC category it is 40 percent. For more details, farmers can contact their nearest NABARD office.


We supply seeds all over India 

Farmers of any region of the country can buy seeds from them. Now vegetable seeds are available with them. Soon the seeds of mustard, wheat and paddy will also be made available to the farmers. Harjeet Singh told that the seeds which are produced here, they give to the farmers at a lower rate than the branded companies. There is no compromise on quality. He also gives training to the farmers to produce good quality seeds.

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