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Goat rearing : Started with just three goats, 79% increase in income

Pucca house built with income from goat rearing, improvement in the economic condition of the house


In the Sundarban area of ​​West Bengal, there is a village named Sandelerbil. Dipali Biswas, a woman farmer living here, had never imagined that goat rearing would change her life so much. Earlier she used to do other household chores and babysitting as well as poultry farming. Then she got information about the scientific methods of goat rearing by the scientists. After this she started rearing Black Bengal goats. The result was good. She has now become a successful goat farmer and is inspiring others.

The farmers of Sandelerbil are forced to live in extreme poverty. Most of the land there is not fertile due to the salinity of the soil. During the Rabi season, the field remains empty. In such a situation, animal husbandry, poultry and goat farming can become good source of additional income for these farmers. The success story of Deepali Biswas has become an inspiration for these farmers.

Goat rearing : Started with just three goats, 79% increase in income
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Help from Biotech Kisan Hub Project 

Deepali got the inspiration for goat farming from the scientists of Biotech Kisan Hub project. On his advice, he participated in the training program organized on goat rearing in a scientific way. Due to training, he learned many nuances related to goat farming business. Important information was found about the behaviour, management, feeding, diseases, treatment and care of goats. He was given 3 Black Bengal goats and one goat of best quality born in the Germplasm Center of Biotech Kisan Hub Project. Along with this, Deepali also bought 4 more goats from the local market. Under the Biotech Kisan Hub project, the officials kept on giving information related to vaccination, animal feed and mineral supply to Deepali from time to time.

The sole purpose of this project is to provide economic strength to the farmers. Under the Biotech Kisan Hub project, training programs are organized by the Krishi Vigyan Kendra by selecting the farmers.

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Goat rearing : Started with just three goats, 79% increase in income
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Helps improving economic condition 

Dipali Biswas’s income increased a lot by doing goat rearing in a scientific way. Her success inspired other women to take up goat farming. Starting a business with three Black Bengal goats and one goat, Deepali has about 14 Black Bengal goats today.

She was able to deposit Rs 50,000 in the bank and spend Rs 20,000 on the health of the family, thanks to the extra income from the goat farming business. Along with this, he also built a two-room brick house. The annual income of the family increased by 79.15 percent. Thanks to Biotech Kisan Hub, Deepali has become a successful goat farmer in her area and is also training other women for the same.

Goat rearing : Started with just three goats, 79% increase in income
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Features of Black Bengal Goat 

  • Black Bengal goat breed is commonly found in West Bengal, Odisha and Bihar.
  • The legs of these goats are short and black in colour.
  • This goat is specially reared for meat and their skin is also good.
  • Goat of this breed gives cubs twice a year and gives two or more cubs at a time.
  • The weight of an adult male goat is 20-25 kg and that of a female goat is up to 15-20 kg.
  • Goat gives 300 to 400 ml milk for 3 to 4 months. 

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