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Grape village: Where grapes are cultivated and exported to world

These villages are earning good profits from grape cultivation, income is up to 15 lakh


The grapes cultivated by the farmers here are exported to Dubai, Russia, China and European countries. Prices are decided according to the country and quality. 

The team of Kisan of India goes into the field and shares with you the experiences of farmers for their farmer companions. I Gaurav Manral, went on a similar journey from Delhi to Pune. This journey started from Delhi, from where I reached Pune after covering a distance of 1470 kms. After reaching Pune and asking many people, I came to know about a place where most of the farmers cultivate Draksha. Now you must be thinking what is this Draksha? Same happened with me.

After doing research, I found that Draksha is a fruit and we eat this fruit with great pleasure. Its is actually the grapes. Grapes are also known as Draksha in Maharashtra. Then I set out on a journey of 230 kms from Pune to Sangli to find grape cultivators. Enjoying the cool breeze of the green mountains and the wind falling on the face, we reached sangli in no time. 

Grape Cultivation

Have you heard about the cultivation of Draksha?

Then as soon as we reached Sangli, we set out towards the Bhose village to meet the grape cultivators. As soon as Bhose reached the village, grape trees were seen all around. I stopped at a vineyard and met a vineyard farmer. We asked him why most of the farmers of Bhose village cultivate grapes? How much profit is there in this? Dadaso Vishwanath Patil, a farmer cultivating grapes, gave complete information about this. Dadaso Vishwanath Patil has 10 acres of land in which he cultivates grapes.

Grape Cultivation

Grapes of these villages are exported all over the country and the world 

Dadaso told that most of the farmers of Bhose village are involved in the cultivation of grapes because the profits are good. Another interesting thing I learned while talking to Dadaso about viticulture. Grapes from Bhose and another village of Sangli, Soni, are exported to the country and across the world. The grapes here are exported to Dubai, Russia, China and European countries. Grading is done according to the country, that is, grapes are cultivated according to the standards set by each country.

One grape plant gives 12 to 16 kg production 

Dadaso told that grapes are a cultivation of 4 months or 125 days. When these grapes are grown, they are first sent to the lab. There it is checked that the grapes are worth sending to which country. Then Dadaso told me that one grape plant gives 12 to 16 kg of production. In such a situation, the income of one acre land of Dadaso goes up to Rs 5 to 6 lakhs. 

Grape Cultivation

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Income depends on the country of export 

Sometimes he earns up to Rs 16 lakh from an acre of land. Dada further told in the conversation that in which country his grapes are being sent, how is the quality and how much is the price there, the earning depends on it. 

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25% of grapes is exported to China 

Dadaso also told that most of his grapes go to Dubai, but he gets the highest price in China. For this reason, they send 25% of their grapes to China. Along with this, Dadaso gave detailed information about the necessary environment for the cultivation of grapes. Grapes require less sunlight and a moist environment. It does not require much water for its cultivation.

Grape Cultivation

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Investment is recovered in first one to two years 

Next, I asked if a farmer does not have money to start the cultivation of grapes, then what should he do? In response to this, he told me that loan can also be taken from bank to start cultivation of grapes. Dadaso also told that the initial cost involved in the cultivation of grapes, if the crop is right, is recovered in one to two years. 

Dadaso also told me that before taking up grapes in 2001, he used to work in someone else’s orchard. He started cultivating grapes from one acre in 2001. Then he used to have a bicycle. Today he has his own house, car and 10 acres of land. There is a saying that grapes are sour, but in this entire region, grapes have only added sweetness to the lives of farmers. 

Grape Cultivation


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