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Homemade incubator in poultry business

Tapash Roy of Assam increased his profit by using scientific techniques in poultry farming


It is more profitable to use scientific techniques than the traditional method of poultry farming. Tapish Roy, a 28-year-old young man from Assam, used scientific management in poultry farming. Using a homemade incubator to incubate the eggs, his profits increased considerably. Seeing this, other youths of the village were also inspired to adopt poultry farming as a profession.

Took training related to poultry farming 

A training program on ‘Poultry Farming and Management’ was organized for rural youth by Krishi Vigyan Kendra, Karimganj in February 2020. The program was organized in collaboration with the Directorate of Extension Education, Assam Agricultural University, Jorhat.

The youth were given information related to scientific way of Homemade incubator doing poultry farming business and various aspects of its management. This training program impressed Tapash Roy, a resident of Brajendranagar village in Karimganj district of Assam. Using the skills gained from the training, he started a scientific poultry farming business on his one acre of land. Earlier, he reared indigenous ducks and low-yielding local chickens.

Homemade incubator
Image Credit: KVK-ICAR

What did you learn during the training? 

Poultry farming and management, selection of site for broiler chicken/duck farming, day to day activities of broiler chickens (0 day to market maturity age), chick management and feeding, more than broiler chicken and duck Meat and egg procurement, preventive/control measures for common diseases of chickens/ducks, vaccination, different management systems of different poultry birds, role of integrated farming system in poultry production, preparing incubator at home for hatching eggs, hatchery management And the marketing of birds i.e. marketing etc. was explained in detail.

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Homemade incubator
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How much income increased in poultry business? 

Before training, Tapash Roy was doing poultry farming in the traditional way, which earned only Rs 13,000 per month, but after adopting scientific techniques, his monthly income reached Rs 23,000.

How did the training help? 

Use of scientific technology is essential for success in poultry farming business. The training received from Krishi Vigyan Kendra inspired Tapash to choose the right housing for chickens and scientific management of various aspects of poultry farming. Strict adherence to regular vaccination of chickens improved production, which increased income. Also, by adopting integrated farming model of fish farming with poultry, earned good profits.

During the training program itself, information about Vanraj, Kamarupa, Rainbow Rooster, Khaki Campbell, Vigona Super M Duck, quail bird, etc., was given to give high production breeds of chickens.

Homemade incubator
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Use of home made incubator for hatching eggs 

Tapish use home made incubator to produce more eggs. Seeing this, other youths were also attracted towards the poultry business. Seeing the heat, 30 other farmers of nearby villages also started using scientific techniques in poultry farming. Tapish also inspired other youths to do poultry farming business using scientific techniques in the back side of the house so that their income could also increase.

Hatching is the biggest problem faced by small farmers during poultry farming. Chicks are prepared by hatching eggs with the help of an incubator. This makes it easy to get chicks. With its help, non-availability of chicks does not have to be two to four. 

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