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Horse rearing: If you keep a mare of this breed worth crores of rupees

Horses of this one breed win the most races


Horse rearing is not an easy task. It is necessary to take good care of their maintenance. If you are thinking of raising a horse as an amateur, then definitely consider these tips from Laxman Singh. 

Keeping a horse is not everyone’s cup of tea. Some people may find horse rearing easy in appearance, but when entering the field, it is important to take care of many things. Laxman Singh Yadav, a resident of Chakroja, 45 km from Jaipur, is associated with horse rearing. Laxman Singh has been handling the reins of ‘Laxman Singh Stud Farm’ since 1975. His father, grandfather and great-grandfather were also active in horse rearing. Laxman Singh has 10 to 11 horses. Along with horse rearing, they also do cow rearing and farming. They grow bajra, groundnut, moong, sesame, wheat and gram. Kisan of India correspondent Gaurav Manral reached Jaipur and talked to Laxman Singh Yadav about horse rearing. He shared many important information related to horse rearing with us.

How to start horse rearing? 

Sharing horse rearing tips with the readers of Kisan of India, Laxman Singh says that you buy two horses in the beginning. It is fine if the mare is in labour, or it is not a problem if it is not. Money will definitely be spent in buying a mare, as it also gives profits in the future. Laxman Singh explains that the mare is capable of producing mare cub after 24 to 25 months. The pregnancy of a mare is for 11 to 11 and a half years.

A two-toothed mare is two and a half years old. There is no special problem in their maintenance, but it is necessary to keep in touch with the doctor. Horses start becoming young at two and a half years. Their adult stage lasts for five and a half to six years.

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These things should be taken care of in the pregnancy of a mare 

A good breed horse gets good price in the market. A mare gives two young in three to three and a half years. Then only after a gap of four months, the mare can get pregnant. Laxman Singh says that usually some people get involved in the process of conception within an interval of 8 days or 28 days, which is wrong. Due to the short interval, there is bad effect on the fertility of the mare and there is also a fear of her short life.

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What should be fed to horses in fodder? Pay special attention to maintenance 

Laxman Singh tells that their fodder does not cost much. Green fodder once in a day, twice grain is required. To meet the amount of barley, millet, cake, jaggery and protein, pulses should be fed. Horses should not be given millet in summer. Instead, give wheat chapar, gram powder. On the other hand, Napier grass is considered good for horses. You can cultivate it. It lasts for a long time. Its plant, once developed, gives green fodder for seven consecutive years. Once planted, there is no cost to sow again for a long time. Because of this it is also cheaper. Apart from this, jowar is also considered the most nutritious as animal feed. Jowar can be given in the form of green fodder or by drying it, making husk and mixing grains in it and giving it to horses. Groundnut fodder is also good. This makes it easy to digest. There should also be round-the-clock water supply. Horses should also be left open in the morning and evening for half an hour. Laxman Singh tells that give an open environment to the horses. This makes them happy. 

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What other things are important to keep in mind in horse rearing? 

If a new person wants to nurse a horse, then start only after taking complete information. Go to the stables, watch the horse buying process closely. Don’t spend much in building the trestle in the beginning. Prepare a separate space for each animal. Two horses cannot live together. Build a wooden or net-like wall between two horses.

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Why is Deoli Line breed dominant?

Laxman Singh has reared Marwari horses of Deoli line in his farm. Laxman Singh told that its height is good and the legs are strong. Its feet never hurt. They don’t even kick. Laxman Singh says that in all the competitive fairs or festivals, 70% of the Devli breed wins the award. They are calm in nature, but as soon as they enter the field, they run at the speed of the storm.

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Laxman Singh tells that if someone wants to buy a mare of Devli line, then it is very expensive. Its price starts from 10 lakhs and goes up to 2 to 3 crores. Laxman Singh explains that before buying a mare, you have to know everything about it. You have to gather information to avoid mix breed. You have to be careful in the beginning. Contact other horse owners. Learn as much as you can about horses. 

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