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How to earn handsomely from Vetiver Farming?

Cultivation of poppy under organic farming proves to be very beneficial.


Poppy is cultivated on a large scale in many states of India. The Poppy crop looks bushy. It is a commercial crop. Some useful thing is made from every part of it. Poppy is sown from February to April, and its ready crop is harvested from December.

Poppy does not require any special type of land. It can be cultivated anywhere except in hilly areas. Poppy also does not require a lot of irrigation. Cultivating it under organic farming proves to be very beneficial. Many products are made from poppy. There is a great demand for its oil, sherbet, and medicinal products.

Where will you get the training of poppy cultivation? 

Special training is also given to the farmers for the cultivation of poppy through the Aroma Mission on behalf of the Union Ministry of Agriculture and Farmers Welfare and the Council of Scientific and Industrial Research (CSIR) so that the profits of the farmers can increase. The responsibility of the Aroma Mission is handed over to the Lucknow-based Central Institute of Medicinal and Aromatic Plants (CIMAP), which trains farmers on the cultivation of poppy, from the selection of seeds to the nuances of harvesting, apart from marketing and processing. For training, can be contacted.

How much does poppy cultivation cost and earn? 

Generally, the cost per acre of poppy cultivation is around 60-65 thousand rupees. About 10 kg of oil is extracted from poppy seed per acre. The price of this oil is available in the market up to about 20 thousand rupees per kg. That is, taking out the cost, the cultivation of poppy can earn more than 1.25 lakh rupees per acre annually. This means that even if the farmers do the processing themselves, there can be a profit of 200% in comparison to the cost of poppy cultivation.

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Uses of poppy seeds 

Poppy seeds are used to make syrups, juices, aromatic sprays and many types of oils. Poppy seed is also used to keep houses cool in summer. The use of poppy seed in the cooler is also considered excellent because the house smells good because of its wet fragrance. Medicinal products are also made on a larger scale.

Experience of the Poppy Farmer 

Shalaji Karutedat and his wife Sindhu, residents of Malappuram in Kerala, have been cultivating poppy on 10 acres for the last two decades. Most of the people in his area cultivate poppy. Therefore, during his graduation in economics, Shalji and his wife started learning and understanding the nuances of poppy cultivation and got information about its processing. As soon as he completed his studies, he decided to do poppy cultivation. After marriage, his equally educated wife also got engrossed in this work.

At present, Shalji and Sindhu produce more than two dozen products made from poppy seeds in their processing unit. Due to this, he is earning Rs 10 lakh annually. Shalji says that earlier only a few people used to do commercial farming. He used to sell the poppy crop directly in the market. The price was less than this and sometimes even the sale could not be done. The shopkeepers used to act arbitrarily. From this, he understood that for more profit, he himself would have to prepare the products by setting up a processing unit.

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How to set up your poppy seed processing unit? 

Before setting up his processing unit, he definitely learned tricks from many experts. During the lockdown last year, a processing unit was installed on their own farm and husband and wife started preparing new products together. They are making products like Sharbat, Powder, Medicinal Oil, Health Drink, Tooth Powder, Bath Powder and Bath Scrubber. He has also given employment to five women and is now earning handsome profit.

Now they buy crops of other farmers as well. With this, apart from his company, he prepares products made of poppy seeds for many big companies and also does internet marketing. Apart from poppy, products like turmeric powder, aloe vera powder, rose leaves powder, henna powder, indigo powder, amla powder, amla syrup are also manufactured in the unit of Shalji and Sindhu. Both the persons study the market trends regarding the particular products and keep developing new products by doing necessary research.

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