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Annual turnover of more than one crore from nursery


Plants ranging from one rupee to 18 thousand are available in Bansh Gopal Singh’s nursery. He assures that there is no such plant, which you would not find there.

Whenever we go to buy vegetables, we do not know if they are chemically treated. We bring them home and eat. Chemical free vegetables are also difficult to identify. Now many people are becoming aware about their health. To save themselves from eating chemically sprayed fruits and vegetables, they are turning to organic products. There are many such people who are growing fruits and vegetables by making a garden on the roof or in some corner of their house. This method is called kitchen gardening or terrace gardening. Today in this article we are going to tell you about a person who is working to take the campaign of ‘Clean food to healthy body’ to the people at their level. His name is Bansh Gopal Singh. Bansh Gopal hails from Kotha village in Azamgarh district of Uttar Pradesh.

Held the reins of farming since school days

Coming from a farming family, Bansh Gopal Singh had already decided that he would dedicate his life to agriculture and not a job. From his school days, he was inclined towards agriculture. He started producing potato seeds and selling them to the farmers. He also did his college studies from the agriculture sector. He took a master’s degree in Agriculture Science from Banaras Hindu University (BHU). When he started Plant Nursery in 1994, he did not have much money. Gradually, he raised money on his own and started a plant nursery on a small scale. He named this nursery as Jai Bharat Nursery.

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There is no such plant which is not in his nursery 

Bansh Gopal Singh has also taken training under the Agri Clinic and Agri Business Center (AC&ABC) scheme. After training, in 2007, he took a loan of Rs 8 lakh from Azamgarh branch of State Bank of India. The money was invested in the expansion of the nursery. In view of his achievement in the agriculture sector, he also got a subsidy of 36% from NABARD.

Today this nursery is spread over an area of ​​6 hectares. Jai Bharat Nursery also has a branch in Dehradun. In conversation with Kisan of India, Bansh Gopal Singh tells that there is no such plant which is not found in his nursery. All vegetable plants, fruits and flower plants, medicinal plants, ornamental plants, all kinds of plants are prepared in their nursery. These plants are grown organically only.

Thousands of farmers from across the country joined him 

Thousands of farmers from Chhattisgarh, Madhya Pradesh, Himachal Pradesh, Uttarakhand, Uttar Pradesh and Bihar are associated with Bansh Gopal Singh. These farmers buy saplings directly from Jai Bharat Nursery. Plant buyers are given complete information about plantation, that is, from planting to the nutritional elements necessary for its nutrition. Those who buy saplings from them, they are also given full help  and support.

Provides free consultancy and information 

Bansh Gopal Singh says that he supplies saplings across the country. Plants ranging from one rupee to 18 thousand rupees are available in his nursery. People also get these plants from far and wide. People who have moved out to Canada and African countries also contact him and get advice related to nursery plants. If anyone wants to start a nursery, or want to know the information related to planting, sowing any plant, then Bansh Gopal Singh gives free consultancy to him.

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Promoting organic farming 

Bansh Gopal singh also sells organic vegetables in his area. He started producing plants in an organic way when people did not know what organic meant. Then people had to be explained about organic products. Its benefits had to be communicated to people. In that era itself, he had more than 100 customers, whose house he used to deliver vegetables directly. Now the situation has changed. People have become aware about organic products. In such a situation, doing organic farming is beneficial for the farmers.

Bansh Gopal Singh explains – our aim is that people should eat only organic fruits and vegetables because this is the best option for a healthy life. Plant your own vegetables in your home and then eat. Keeping this in mind, he thought of opening a nursery.

Bansh Gopal Singh’s advice on opening a nursery 

Giving advice to those who want to open a nursery, Bansh Gopal says that in the beginning, you can start a nursery plant from a small scale. There should be passion in a person. Nursery is a business that runs every season. That’s why you need to give it 365 days a year because even a little carelessness can harm you.

Bansh Gopal Singh says that many big metros of the country are in bad condition due to pollution and the population is also increasing. In the meantime, everyones need for food has to be fulfilled and nature has to be saved as well. In such a situation, farming in an organic way is not only effective in keeping the body healthy, but it also contributes to keeping the environment clean.

Awarded with many national level awards 

As on date the annual turnover of Jai Bharat Nursery is more than one crore rupees. He has also been honoured with two National Awards ‘Best Entrepreneur Award’ and ‘Innovative Farmer Award’.

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