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Increase the quality of animal feed with Herbal Feed Additives, earn more


India has the largest livestock population in the world. According to the 20th Livestock Census-2019, the total livestock population in the country is about 536 million. This was 4.6 percent more than the 19th Livestock Census-2012. In view of the increasing livestock population, the demand for quality feed and nutritious animal feed is also bound to increase rapidly. In view of this challenge, many advices are given by animal experts to the animal husbandry farmers regarding fodder crops and nutritious animal feed. One such very useful advice is – Herbal Feed Additives. 

Livestock is an integral part of the farming world. That is why it has a huge impact on agriculture and the economy of the country. The production of animals, their disease prevention and treatment and the nutrition of environment friendly animals – all these aspects have always been challenging for livestock experts. Keeping animals healthy is essential to obtain quality animal products. The use of naturally occurring compounds, such as herbs, herbal preparations and other botanicals, is highly effective in enhancing overall animal health. 

पशु आहार animal feed हर्बल फीड एडिटिव्स (herbal feed additives)
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Benefits of Herbal Diet Additives 

The use of herbal dietary additives with animal feed has many benefits. This improves digestion of animals. Ensures effective metabolism of their feed. There is great improvement in the health and energy level of the animals. The immunity of animals increases and parasitic insect-worms living in their intestines are removed. Thus, herbal feed additives are such animal feed which makes the livestock more healthy and useful and its productivity increases and ultimately the farmers’ income increases. 

Herbal Feed Additives
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Allied animal feed is herbal feed additives

Animal husbandry farmers know very well that like humans, it is very important for the feed of animals to be nutritious and balanced. Just as many herbs, fruits, flowers and spices are very useful for the health of human beings. Similarly the properties are also useful for animals. The use of herbal food additives makes animal food tasty and healthy. This increases milk production and its quality. They can be used in medicine, herbal extracts or herbal isolates.

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According to the experts of the Postgraduate Veterinary Education and Research Institute (PGIVER), Jaipur, herbal product is a whole or cut and dried part of a plant, algae, fungus or lichen. Due to its medicinal properties, it is adopted as an additive to animal feed. Natural herbal products are often used as anti-bacterial, anti-fungal, anti-parasitics, disinfectant and immunity stimulant. 

Various herbal dietary additives, their active ingredients and uses 

Serial No.Plant Part Utility
1Nutmeg Seed Digestive stimulant and anti-diarrhoea
2Cinnamon Bark Appetite and digestive stimulant, anti-infective
3ClovesClove (flower) Appetite and digestive stimulant, anti-infection
4Cardamom Seeds Appetite and digestive stimulant       
5CorianderLeaves and Seeds Digestive Stimulant
6Cumin Seeds to stop the gas produced by digestion and increase the secretion of milk
7Fat fennel Fruits Digestive stimulant and milk secretion enhancer
8Oregano Fruits and Leaves Appetite and Digestive Stimulant
9ParsleyLeaves Appetite and digestive stimulant, anti-infective
10Fenugreek Seeds Appetite Stimulant
11Chili Fruit Digestive Stimulants
12Horseradish Root Appetite Stimulant
13Mustard Seed Digestive Stimulant
14Ginger Tuber Gastric Stimulant
15GarlicTuber Digestive Stimulant and Anti-infection
16Rosemary Leaves Digestive Stimulant and Anti-infection
17Oregano Whole plant Digestive stimulant, antioxidant and anti-infective
18MintLeaves Appetite and digestive stimulant, anti-infective
19Asparagus Root prevention and treatment of gastric ulcer and milk secretion
20Jivanti Leaves and twigs Increase milk secretion, antimicrobial and anti-inflammatory


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