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Integrated farming model: Income for Sheeba Sadiq by adopting coconut based model

Many changes made in agriculture business using integrated farming model


There were four ponds in 2 acres of land. In this, she used to raise tilapia fish. She also had 5 goats and 50 indigenous chickens. Due to lack of proper management, the income was not much. But with the coconut based integrated farming model, the income has increased tremendously. How this happened, read more to know.

Sheeba Sadiq is a young enthusiastic female farmer who has 2 acres of land. There was a time when she ran many businesses, but there was lack of knowledge about integrated farming models and scientific techniques. Despite running many businesses, she could not make good profits.

Lack of proper management 

There were four ponds in 2 acres of land. In this, she used to raise tilapia fish. She also had 5 goats and 50 indigenous chickens. Due to lack of proper management, income was not much. Coconut trees were also planted around the farm. Overall, their farming system was not perfect and they did not include dairy, an important part of agriculture.

integrated farming model
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Change came with the advice of scientists 

In 2018-19, she participated in an open field test on “Management of Urolithiasis in Goat”. Under this programme, scientists from Krishi Vigyan Kendra Alappuzha visited their goat unit and treated goats affected by urolithiasis. During their visit to the farm, scientists found that farm was perfect for an integrated farming system. She was advised to start a dairy unit as she had sufficient resources for this.

Many changes in business 

Desi chickens get good price in the market and their demand is also high. In view of this, she was advised to keep some layers and broody chickens of indigenous breed. She was also advised to raise BV 380 breed chickens to ensure daily income. For this she converted an old store room into a poultry unit. Krishi Vigyan Kendra provided them Gramshri chicks. Arrangements were made to raise 200 ducks in an area of ​​300 square meters near the fish rearing pond. Apart from this, tilapia and varal types of fish also started rearing in the pond, for which they get good price.

integrated farming model
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Income from dairy unit

She started a dairy unit in 2018 with 5 milch cows. Now she has 17 milch cows and 12 calves. Every day 220 litres of milk is obtained, which she sells at the rate of Rs 50 per litre. In order to avoid the problem of green fodder for the animals in summer, she is planning to take 3 acres of land on lease for fodder cultivation.

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Good income from other agricultural activities 

She receives 350 eggs a day from the poultry unit, which she sells at Rs 7 per egg. The ducks gave 60 eggs a day and sell them at Rs 10 per egg. In the last 6 months, 24 kg of Varal fish was reared, which earned an income of Rs 10,800 by selling it at Rs 450 per kg. Similarly cultivation of coconut also improved. Earlier they used to get 400 coconuts, and now they get 700 coconuts. She is also planning to take up vegetable cultivation. In this way, Sheeba is earning good income by adopting integrated farming model in her farming. Now people from the area visit her farm to learn about integrated farming model.

integrated farming model
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Sheeba Sadiq’s entire family helps her in farming activities. Apart from this, she has also hired 3 labourers. Before adopting integrated farming system, they used to earn Rs 79,400, which has now increased to 16 lakh 38 thousand.


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