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Know tips and techniques related to mushroom cultivation

Farmers are not only benefited by mushroom cultivation, there is an equal need to take many precautions in this.


There is a high demand for local mushrooms without chemical wash among the people. Seeing its benefits, a large number of people are buying this mushroom and its processed products are also getting good price in the market. 

Today a large number of farmers are producing mushrooms. Mushroom cultivation is practiced by the farmers because income is many times more than traditional farming. The biggest reason for this is the increasing demand in the market. Mushroom cultivation is also being promoted through many schemes of the government and farmers are also getting the benefit of it. Prakash Chandra Singh, a resident of Karanpura village in Patna district of Bihar, is also one such farmer, who is earning good profit by cultivating mushrooms today.

Prakash Chandra Singh has been cultivating mushroom since 2019. He got the inspiration to take up mushroom cultivation from a farmer friend of the village, who used to cultivate mushrooms on a small scale. When he decided to take up mushroom farming, the bank also helped him fully.

Full cooperation from bank 

In a special conversation with Kisan of India, Prakash Chandra Singh tells that he had paid the loan he had taken earlier under the Kisan Credit Scheme on time. For this reason, the bank manager encouraged him and promised full cooperation if he wants to do any further work. Being a trusted customer of the bank, the bank helped him fully and provided him a loan under the Prime Minister’s Employment Generation Program. Prakash Chandra Singh says that after getting the project passed from the Industries Department, the bank approved his loan.

mushroom cultivation

Special considerations in mushroom cultivation 

Not only do farmers benefit from mushroom cultivation, there is an equal need to take many precautions in this. From preparing the compost to setting the temperature, there are a few things to keep in mind. The compost should be completely ammonia free because if the ammonia gas remains in the compost or the seed gets old or the seed gets heated, farmers may have to suffer heavy losses in it.

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Prepare Ammonia-Free Compost 

If ammonia-free compost is prepared, the quality of the produce will be good. The crop will be disease free. Where ammonia is left in the crop, the disease will start spreading in the crop from the very beginning. The main disease of mushroom crop is green mould, which cannot be cured. If all these things are taken care of, then mushroom cultivation is a profitable deal for the farmers. 

mushroom cultivation

Mushroom farming gives more profit in these months 

Prakash Chandra Singh further explains that according to the season and month, the price of mushroom in the market keeps on fluctuating up and down. Especially from December to January, the prices remain low as seasonal farming is possible in these months without AC. Many farmers do mushroom cultivation in these months. Because of this mushroom is available in the market more and the prices fall. 

At the same time, from March-April, its price starts getting right. The farmers who grow it regularly also incur the cost of AC during these months. Prakash Chandra Singh prepares 3200 bags at a time. In this, about three and a half tons of mushrooms are produced. 

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 mushroom cultivation

Mushroom crop is ready in how many days? 

Mushroom harvest takes place in several stages, from compost to seed mixing. Prakash Chandra Singh prepares mushroom crop by Long Method System. It takes 28 to 30 days to prepare mushroom compost on the platform by the long method. About 20 days after sowing and packing in bags, the mushroom starts coming out.

Training is must to start mushroom cultivation 

Giving advice to the progressive farmers who want to do mushroom cultivation, Prakash Chandra Singh says that they should start mushroom cultivation only after taking proper training. The chances of loss will be negligible. Training means not just theory, learn about it by doing practical. 

Let us inform you that from time to time training programs on mushroom cultivation are organized in Krishi Vigyan Kendras and different agricultural universities. Where farmers can go and take training and use it to increase their earnings. 

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Demand exceeds production 

Mushroom suppliers opine that as much as the demand is, the production is not up to the mark in Patna district at present. Kisan of India spoke to Ashok Kumar Ojha, a mushroom supplier from Patna district. He told us that Patna is the hub of mushroom, but due to high demand, mushroom has to be procured from Delhi, Haryana and many other states.

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mushroom cultivation

Now is the season of mushroom cultivation, so the production is good. Ashok Kumar Ojha says that if the production is good, mushroom from Patna district also goes to Siliguri, Ranchi, Jamshedpur.

There is a high demand for local mushrooms without chemical wash among the people. Seeing its benefits, a large number of people are also buying mushroom and its processed products are also getting good price in the market.

mushroom cultivation


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