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Vermicompost: Krishna Kumar has prepared a cheap formula to make vermicompost, gives training for free

Have given training to 10 thousand people so far


Organic and natural farming is being promoted on a large scale in the country. The main reason for this is that natural farming will not only reduce the cost of farmers but will also improve the quality of soil. On the other hand, in view of the increasing trend of people towards organic products in this era of epidemic, the time has come for nature based farming. Organic manure is one of the main factors in natural farming. Organic manure is prepared in many ways. One of these is the organic fertilizer ‘Vermicompost’ that is earthworm manure made through earthworms. Earthworms can eat all kinds of organic waste and emit wonderful organic manure in the form of their faeces and secretions. Due to these qualities of earthworms, they are often reared commercially and are also adopted for additional income. Krishna Kumar, who hails from Haryana, is also involved in the vermicompost business for last five years. In a special conversation with Kisan of India, he shared many important things about vermicompost business. He himself gives free training on vermicompost. 

Over 1000 Vermicompost Units Across the Country 

Krishna Kumar has always had a love for nature. This attachment has connected him with agriculture today. He took training in vermicompost, poultry, goat rearing, dairy farming, mushroom production from Maharashtra, Madhya Pradesh, Rajasthan to Uttar Pradesh, Bihar and Haryana. It was only after taking training that he decided to enter the business of Vermicompost Unit. He says that this is a business that has the ability to give good profits at low cost. He started this business in 2016 with 2 beds. Today there are about 700 beds of vermicompost in his farm. He has this vermicompost unit in the name of Green Bharat Farm in Pataudi, Haryana. His farm is built in an area of ​​one and a half acres. He also has a farm in Khetiawas village, where work is going on, on a large scale on vermicompost units. Its area is about two acres. He has also opened many more Vermicompost units in Lucknow and Jaipur. So far, in total, more than a thousand beds have been installed in these units.


Get ready Vermicompost units at affordable rates 

Krishna Kumar has so far got about 350 vermicompost units installed across the country. Three units have also been installed in Nepal. Vermicompost units with 30 to 40 beds have been prepared and given. Krishna Kumar said that the vermicompost units made by him are prepared at the lowest cost. Soil is used instead of bricks to make vermicompost beds. Walls are made of clay. To prepare vermicompost, 30*4 (30 feet long and 4 feet wide) beds are prepared. Krishna Kumar told that he charges 5 to 5 and a half thousand for installing a bed, while 10 thousand rupees are taken outside of this.


Provides training for free 

Free training is also given to the farmers every week on Sundays in the farm regarding vermicompost. Krishna Kumar says that in today’s time vermicompost is emerging as a big business. This is the reason why so many units are being installed across the country. The government is also promoting organic farming and natural farming, so its importance increases. He gives information about vermicompost in the simplest way to the people visiting the farm. Training sessions are of four to five hours. So far more than 10 thousand people have taken training from him. Two years back, he started giving free training sessions. 


Characteristics of the Eisenia Fetida Earthworm

They have earthworms of the Australian breed Eisenia Fetida breed. While common earthworms enter the ground and make the soil friable, the Eisenia Fetida breed earthworm eats only dung. This produces high quality vermicompost. This earthworm is red in appearance. That’s why it is also called red worm. Describing the specialty of this earthworm, Krishna Kumar says that the earthworm of this breed can live in the temperature ranging from zero to 50 degrees. It is engaged in its work for 24 hours.

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Do farming in vermicompost unit only 

Krishna also does organic farming in this vermicompost unit. They have planted bamboo around the vermicompost bed. It is covered with green net. Wire nets are also installed. In this, he cultivates many types of vegetables including gourd and zucchini. Many fruit trees have also been planted. Krishna Kumar explains that it has many benefits. One, you get organic vegetables. Also, it protects earthworms from the problem of heat and frost. Also, due to the netting, the vermicompost unit is also safe from birds.


Promoting agro-tourism 

Krishna Kumar is also working to promote agro-tourism. With this, his motive is to connect people with the soil of the village and make people aware of the hard work of the farmer’s blood and sweat. From bird century to duck farming, rabbit farming, beekeeping, they are working on all these concepts. 


Vermicompost business – Good Profit at Low Cost 

Krishna Kumar says that there is a lot of potential in the vermicompost business in coming time. DAP, Urea is still being used in huge quantity. The use of vermicompost is definitely increasing among young farmers. Krishna Kumar says that in the coming ten years its business will be at the heights. This business is such that has the potential to create job opportunities. At present four people are working permanently in his farm. On daily wages 15 people work in the farm. 


Cow dung can also become a means of earning

When Krishna Kumar decided to do vermicompost work, many people advised him not to do it. Krishna Kumar says that if you are coming into this business then you have to put your hands in cow dung 10 times a day. Your interest in this business is very important. Krishna Kumar says that instead of dairy farming, he buys cow dung directly from the cowshed. Cow dung is sold expensive in the gaushala, but in spite of this, they buy dung from here for the purpose of promoting the gaushala. 


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