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Learn the nuances of marigold flower cultivation from Varanasi farmer Sushil Kumar, He uses advanced techniques

Benefit from improved marigold flower cultivation


Sushil Kumar says that you should manage the cultivation of marigold flower in such a way that you have flowers available for 365 days of an year. He cultivates marigold flowers using advanced technology. Special conversation with Sushil Kumar on the cultivation of marigold flower.

The life of a progressive farmer Sushil Kumar, a resident of Mehndiganj village in Varanasi, has been blessed with marigold flowers. Sushil Kumar is leading a happy life and the reason for this is the constant desire to learn something new. He is earning good income by using advanced techniques in the cultivation of marigold flower.


IFFCO company changed life 


In 2012 his village was adopted by IFFCO company. He says that the IFFCO organization has a special contribution in his success. They said – “IFFCO forcibly sent me to Allahabad (Prayagraj) for 6 days of training. After going there, I came to know how far the world has gone. I started thinking of myself as a frog in the well. After training in Allahabad, I went to many other places, from where I got new information. Along with this, full cooperation of Krishi Vigyan Kendra was also received. Scientists were ready to help immediately in case of any kind of problem.”


Don’t depend on traditional farming 


Sushil Kumar says that farmers should not depend only on traditional farming. Farmers should cultivate flowers or vegetables. It has a high percentage of profit. He urges the farmers that 90 percent of the farmers do not go to the scientists, but in case of any kind of problem, the scientists should be consulted.


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marigold flower cultivation


Marigold flower cultivation throughout the year


Sushil Kumar further says that you should manage the cultivation of marigold flower in such a way that you have flowers available for 365 days of an year. He cultivates marigold flowers using advanced technology. He does not cut down grass growing in marigold flower cultivation. He told that because of the grass, marigold flowers are able to bear the heat.


Cherry cultivation alongwith marigold flower cultivation


Sushil Kumar does cherry cultivation along with marigold flower cultivation. He tells about its benefits. He cultivates cherries in the middle of two marigold fields, so that if the yield on one side is damaged, the crop on the other side is not damaged. In this way the temperature is also balanced. Plants are also protected from storms.


marigold flower cultivation

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How much profit in marigold flower cultivation?


Sushil Kumar advises the farmers to buy seeds from the market for the first year for marigold flower cultivation, but after that prepare the seeds of marigold flowers themselves. In this way you can produce good quality seed and save 20 thousand rupees from seed production.

He told that the market of marigold flower is also good. One of the garland of marigold flowers was sold for Rs 100. Now the expenses of the family and the education of the children are taken care of, by the cultivation of marigold flowers.


marigold flower cultivation

Farmers should form groups 

Sushil Kumar says that farmers should walk the path of progress by living in groups, cooperating with each other. Together we can solve each other’s problems. Varanasi Hindu University has honoured Sushil Kumar for his contribution to agriculture.


marigold flower cultivation


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