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Less cost, more income from Rice Transplanter machine

Using rice transplanter saves money, less effort


Rice planter is a great support for the farmers. Rice planter understands the problems faced by farmers in paid cultivation. The need for labour is more in paddy cultivation. The reason for this is that before planting paddy, the farmer has to do a lot of preparation. This includes preparing the paddy plant, plowing the field and giving sufficient water while planting the plant in the field.

In agriculture, the need for agricultural labour keeps on increasing and decreasing according to the season of the crops, due to which the shortage of labourers sometimes becomes a big problem due to lack of regular work and income. If the farmer plants paddy in his field at the right time, then his production is more and if there is a delay in planting paddy, then he has to plow the field again. In such a situation, they have to face financial loss.

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What is rice transplanter? 

Rice transplanter is the means to save the farmers from this loss and to sow paddy easily even without labourers.This is such an agricultural technical device, with the help of which farmers do not have to depend on labourers. Paddy can be transplanted easily without the help of labourers by its use.

Rice Transplanter
Image Credit: Krishak Jagat

Benefits of rice transplanter 

The biggest advantage is that it reduces the cost, which saves the farmers money. If the daily cost of doing the work with labourers is Rs. 2500 to 3000, then by using it, the cost of one day will be only Rs. 250 to 300. Depending on the price of diesel, there may be a slight difference in this. With the help of labourers, farmers can plant maximum 2 to 3 acres of paddy in a day. On the other hand, up to 5 to 7 acres of paddy can be planted in a day using rice transplanter.

It comes with a host of features. In this, four to eight rows of field can be prepared in one round. With the help of a rice transplanter, you can decide at what depth the seeds are to be sown inside the field. Rice transplanter is also easy to use. Only one person is required for its operation.

Rice transplanter price 

Rice transplanters of companies like Yanmar, VST Shakti, Khedut, Mahindra, Kubota etc. are available in the Indian market. The cost of advanced rice transplanter ranges from around Rs 2 lakh to Rs 3.5 lakh. The price depends on the texture and technology. 


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