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Lilium Cultivation: Amenla of Nagaland made her hobby business, know what is special in Lilium flower

Amanela was a lab assistant before taking up gardening


Apart from the cultivation of cereals and vegetables, farmers can also earn good profit from floriculture. Of course, the cultivation of flowers depends on the season. Not all types of flowers bloom in every season, but the profits are good in floriculture. Amenla, a resident of Nagaland, is also cultivating the beautiful flower Lilium behind her house.

Lilium Cultivation
Lilium Cultivation: Image Credit:Department of Agriculture & Cooperation and Farmers Welfare

Farmer turned lab assistant 

Amenla, a resident of Chuchuyimpang village near Mokokchung town in Nagaland, has been in love with flowers since childhood. This love for flowers inspired her to take up gardening. Before taking up gardening, Amenla used to work as a lab assistant in a college.

lilium cultivation
Image Credit: ICAR

One chance changed my life 

One day she got an opportunity to promote floriculture in the area from the Horticulture Department. During this time, she thought why not make her passion and love for flowers a profession. Especially when the Horticulture Department was ready to help her in this work. Under a project of the Horticulture Department, Amenla got a polyhouse constructed behind her house. After this, she started cultivating lilium flowers along with her daughter.  

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It is important to learn to market

When the flower started growing, she also took help from the Horticulture Department to sell it at a good price and got the list of buyers. Gradually, she started to understand the nuances of this business related to flowers. She started selling flowers directly to private companies instead of the local market. She started making profit of about 20 thousand rupees every two months. Amenla is happy with her business as she does not need to leave home and her income is also increasing. 

Lilium Cultivation: Image Credit: ICAR

How is Lilium Cultivated? 

Lilium is also known as Lily. This is an exotic flower. It is in great demand among ornamental flowers. It is cultivated in nethouse or polyhouse. Its bulbs (tubers) are planted between October to November, from which the plants are ready. In hilly areas, they are planted between February and March.

 lilium cultivation
Lilium Cultivation: Image Credit: ICAR

Lilium flowers are ready after about 60 to 70 days. Lilium is cultivated in low temperature areas. For its good yield, day temperature should not be less than 25 centigrade and night temperature should not be less than 12 centigrade. Rich sandy loam soil is good for its cultivation. The pH of the soil should be between 5 and 7. Also, before sowing, plow the field thoroughly and make the soil friable. If there is less sand in the soil, then mix sand with cow dung manure, it will help give good crop. Weeding and hoeing also need to be done from time to time.

लिलियम की खेती cultivation

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