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Millet Dehuller Machine give 10 times profit with coarse grains

Know the features of this machine and how it works, Dr. S. Exclusive interview with Balasubramaniam


Central Agricultural Engineering Regional Center Institute has developed millet dehuller machine. On how this machine can be useful for the farmers cultivating coarse grains, the head of the Central Institute of Agricultural Engineering Regional Center Coimbatore, Dr. S. Exclusive interview with Balasubramaniam.

The cultivation of coarse cereals is being promoted throughout the country. Recently, the International Year of Millets 2023 was launched at the Food and Agriculture Organization (FAO) headquarters of the United Nations in Rome. An agricultural tool has been developed to make the cultivation of coarse cereals easier for the farmers.

millet dehuller machine

In today’s time, mechanization and agricultural techniques have solved many problems in every field of farming. Due to mechanization in farming, farmers can earn good income through quality production and processing. It is just necessary to take correct information about modern techniques and use them in farming.

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Millets in general are known for their high nutritional value. In recent years, in view of the growth potential of millet and small grain cereals in the international market, its production is also being promoted in the country. In order to reduce the health risks in people, it is being advised to include coarse grains ie jowar, pearl millet, ragi, small millet, foxtail millet, proso millet, barnyard millet, kodo grain in the diet. This is because millets are cheaper than wheat and rice, as well as being high in protein, fibre, vitamins and minerals such as iron.

The biggest problem in millet is that farmers are not getting fair price. Since the seeds are small, it takes a lot of effort to remove the skin. If farmers sell with peel, they get very less price. In view of all these problems, Millet Dehuller Machine has been developed to remove the husk of millet.

millet dehuller machine

Head of Central Institute of Agricultural Engineering Regional Center Coimbatore Dr. S. Giving information about this machine, Balasubramaniam said that millet grains can be used better in the diet only after removing the peel. But on the other hand the problem is that millet husks stick to the grains like glue. The traditional method is to remove the rind manually using a pestle or a wooden stoner grinder. Mixing straw in millet grains breaks the grains or spoils the quality of flour. This process takes a lot of effort and time. Because of this, there has been a huge decline in the consumption of millet.

Dr. Subramaniam said that keeping all these problems in mind, the Central Institute of Agricultural Engineering Regional Center has developed Millet Dehuller Machine to remove the husk of millet. This made the job of peeling very easy. The problem of grain breakage has also reduced. He said that 60 to 65 kg of huskless grain is obtained from 100 kg of millet. Bajra Millet Dehler Machine can be installed in a room of 10 by 12 feet and can be run on single phase current. One person can easily operate it. 10 to 12 types of millet grains can be easily extracted from this machine. 60 to 70 kg millet can be shelled in one hour.

millet dehuller machine

Dr. Subramaniam further informed that the cost of this machine is 80 thousand rupees, which works as a cleaner, stoner, dehler. If grader and panning techniques are added to it, then the price of this machine becomes 2 to 2.50 lakhs. He said that after processing millet, its price doubles to 10 times, which benefits the farmers. There has been a spurt in the demand for ultra-processed and ready-to-eat products in the country. Many types of ready-to-eat products from coarse grains are also being sold in the market and people are also liking it.

millet dehuller machine

To promote millets, the entire chain is being developed by the government for technology transfer and development of value-added products. In recent years, due to increase in demand at domestic and global level, there has been an increase in the production of coarse grains, but its exports have also increased. 

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