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How daughter’s illness paved the way for making Millet Products?

Startup started in 2022, made a place in the market.


Millets campaign is going on in every corner of the country. After the Prime Minister’s appeal to promote millet, everyone is trying to find out how to take millet products to every household so that people’s health remains healthy and farmers remain happy. In the last year, many companies have come up which are making millet products and their products are also becoming popular.

One such company is GEGGLE of Uttarakhand, which has been set up by Gurpreet Kaur. Gurpreet talked in detail with Sarvesh Bundeli, correspondent of Kisan of India. She tells how this company started and what products the company makes.

The daughter’s illness showed the way

Gurpreet, the founder of GEGGLE Company, explains its inception, saying that her daughter has a disease called Celiac, in which the sufferer is allergic to gluten. That’s why for the last 12-13 years she has been giving a gluten-free diet to her daughter. She says that such things are not easily available and even if available, they are very expensive and the taste is also not good. So she thought why not make something healthy like his daughter and for other children?

For children who are allergic to wheat or other types of grains, the idea of ​​making millet products came to her. In September 2022, he started GEGGLE.

The story behind the name GEGGLE

Why did Gurpreet name his company GEGGLE? Regarding this, she says that both her and her husband’s name starts with G and one of her daughter’s name also starts with G, while the other daughter’s name has EE and L, so in this way everyone’s name starts with G. GEGGLE is made up of the initial letter.

Products by the company and its specialty?

Gurpreet Kaur said that her company manufactures many types of products. Chapati flour is very famous for this. He has made it in association with Bhabha Atomic Research Center Mumbai. The specialty of this flour is that its bread is made just like wheat flour. Along with this, the company is also selling products like Idli Mix, Missi Roti Atta, and Suji Replacer made from Sorghum. Their specialty is that all these products are gluten-free.

Millet Products

Foreigners also liked the taste of bread

Gurpreet says that she makes many types of cookies, cakes, bread, etc. along with multigrain flour. His bread is especially liked by the people. Even foreigners like its taste. Not only this, Gurpreet says that his company makes customized flour in collaboration with dieticians.

If someone is allergic to a particular grain, then instead of that grain, the flour of another grain is made. To grow her business and make millets reach more and more people, she also makes items like Kulcha, Samosa, Jalebi, Momos, and Celebration Cakes on order.

Millet Products

No compromise on Quality

Gurpreet says that his bakery products are 100% gluten-free. Wheat, flour, and semolina are not used in this at all. Instead of this, jowar, ragi, gram flour, red rice, white rice, isabgol, etc. are used. This slightly increases the cost of the product. They say that their products are a bit expensive, but they never compromise on quality.

Also, she says that being gluten-free reduces the shelf life of the product. Bread can be used up to 5 days and cake can be used up to 10 days. Not only this, she uses organic sugar instead of sugar to make her products more healthy.

Millet Products

Buy from farmers

Gurpreet says that along with other sources, she also buys grains from farmers and it is cleaned, washed, and ground here. Gurpreet says that when any person works hard with all his heart, he definitely gets success.

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