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Mixed-Cropping: Mixed farming in Coconut Garden with modern techniques

Why is mixed cropping beneficial for farmers?


Mixed cropping means cultivating one crop while planting another crop. Both crops support each other. Before doing mixed farming, it is also necessary for the farmers to have the right information about it, for example, which crops can be mixed-cropping.

Many farmers are adopting mixed farming, and it has also benefited them. Today we will tell you about one such girl who has increased her income by adopting mixed farming. Cultivating spices in coconut gardens has been profitable for Priyanka Nagvekar of Maharashtra’s Ratnagiri district.

Today, Priyanka Nagvekar has become self-reliant and ensures employment for other family members. Priyanka has emerged as an inspiration in her field. The Konkan region of Maharashtra, where Priyanka comes from, has a lot of cashew cultivation. Let us know how the mixed farming of coconut and spices made Priyanka a farmer-entrepreneur.

Dreams got wings after coming in contact with ICAR

Priyanka, a resident of Hatis village in Ratnagiri district, has been doing agriculture for the last 12 years. She comes from an agricultural family only. Initially, she cultivated only rice, millet, and many vegetables. Priyanka used to do farming traditionally on 22 acres of land. Because of this, his income was minimal. They learned about a new technique of farming, Mixed-Cropping. She once participated in a program of ICAR. From here, Priyanka’s dreams got wings. During this program of ICAR, she learned about the role of vermicompost in growing spices in a coconut garden and increasing crop production. She became interested in it. For additional income, Priyanka started cultivating black pepper, nutmeg, and cinnamon in the coconut garden.

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Cultivation of Spices with Coconut Cultivation

She participated in a 5-day vocational training program to learn about coconut and spices cultivation and vermicompost production techniques. She also participated in a program to learn how to climb a coconut tree. She started commercial cultivation of spices in his old coconut garden and set up a vermicompost unit. The increasing demand for raw coconut and spices like black pepper, nutmeg, and kokum also helped grow his business.

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Made Nursery of Spices

After achieving success in mixed-cropping of coconut and spices, Priyanka thought of making a spice nursery with black pepper cuttings/seedlings. For this he participated in the training program of nursery management.

Priyanka considers the production of vermicompost and vermiculture as a good option to make rural women self-sufficient, as it requires very little cost and less time.

Economic Stability

By adopting new techniques in farming, not only did his income increase, but she also ensured the economic stability of his family. She has an annual turnover of 5.73 lakhs from mixed farming, vermicompost unit and spice nursery. She is getting a net profit of 3.82 lakhs only from farming. Now she plans for production of Virgin Coconut Oil as well. Like Priyanka, you can also increase your income by adopting new techniques of farming and by doing new experiments.

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