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Multi-crop basket thresher saves money and reduces wastage

Easy to use, rust proof advanced threshing machine


When we go to buy any equipment or machine related to farming, many questions revolve in the mind of the farmers. Are we buying too expensive, or do we harm ourselves by buying cheap? If you are thinking of buying a Multi-crop Basket Thresher Machine, then in this article we will give you all the information you need to know about it. 

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Separates the grain from the crop in less time and less cost 

Basket thresher is a very useful multi-crop machine for the farmers. With the help of this equipment, more than twenty crops are sorted, that is, the grain of the crop is separated. This machine separates the grain from the crop in less time and less cost. You can also call basket thresher as basket thresher or mini harvester. With the help of this, farmers can easily separate the straw from their crop. This machine separates the grain and straw of the crop in less time and less cost. 

Multi-crop basket thresher saves money and reduces wastage
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Increase in production capacity 

There are many advanced multi-crop basket threshers available in the market these days. Made with modern technology, these advanced basket threshers work smoothly without getting stuck. It cleanly separates the grains of the crops with high efficiency. The crop can be easily put in their beautiful and large baskets. If the farmers work continuously, then you will not get tired. They thresh at the rate of 2 ton to 2.5 ton per hour without damaging the crop. Excellent quality blades, lifelike and robust rotors enhance the production efficiency. They are equipped with high quality bearings, which make it easy to operate. Along with this, you are also given a net in it. Many fans are also installed in this machine, which take out the grains of the crop very cleanly.

Advanced machines are rustproof 

It is very easy to use this machine as it can be easily carried from one place to another. It has been designed keeping in mind the safety of farmer associates. Whoever is using it can put the crop in its basket only by standing from outside. After this, this machine itself does its work and separates the straw and the grains. Its advanced models are corrosion resistant, which means they do not rust. Because of this farmers can use it comfortably for years and years without any worry.

Multi-crop basket thresher saves money and reduces wastage
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Threshing a dozen crops 

With this multi-crop basket thresher, grains of crops like wheat, mustard, soyabean, tur, bajra, maize, cumin, dollar gram, plain gram, desi gram, guar, jowar moong, moth, isabgol, lentil, rye, arhar and groundnut are cleaned- Can be removed neatly. Multi-crop basket thresher saves farmers time, labor and money. It separates the grains from the crop and throws its straw 20 to 25 feet away. Farmers can use this straw as fodder. Due to this, there is no wastage of the crop and the work of the farmers becomes easy.

Buy Basket Thresher as per your cost and requirement 

Various types of basket thresher are available in the market from many companies like Mahindra, Sonalika, Punjab Agro-tech India. The farmer should choose the thresher according to his cost and requirement. Keep the most important thing in mind that give preference to ISI mark thresher only, because ISI mark threshers are made keeping in mind the prescribed parameters. The quality of thresher parts is guaranteed. Also, the farmer should choose the thresher according to the HP power of the tractor or engine available with him. 

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