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Sugarcane increased mushroom production with technology

Cost will be reduced and production capacity will increase


The umbrella-shaped mushroom is said to be a storehouse of nutritional properties. Its demand is also high in the market. Today a large number of farmers are associated with mushroom production. There is a reason for this too. Small and marginal farmers can earn good profits by mushroom mushroom production with less space and less cost. In comparison to the traditional cultivation of many crops like wheat, paddy, the income is higher in this. For the last few years, the government is also promoting mushroom cultivation. The special thing about this cultivation is that this crop gives 12 months income to the farmers. Farmers can cultivate different varieties of mushroom throughout the year. One such variety is the button mushroom. In this article, we are going to tell you about such a technique of button mushroom, which is not only full of nutritional properties, but also gives more production.

Mushroom Farming: Know how sugarcane increased mushroom production, ICAR-DMR invented technology
Image Credit: ICAR-DMR

Compost prepared from sugarcane bagasse 

Compost commonly used for mushroom cultivation is prepared from wheat, paddy straw and mustard straw. In this technique, compost has been prepared from sugarcane bagasse. This technology has been developed by ICAR-DMR (Indian Council of Agricultural Research-Directorate of Mushroom Research). Scientists worked on this technique for three years.

What is sugarcane bagasse? 

The crop waste that remains after the extraction of sugarcane juice is called bagasse. In the beginning people did not know the use of bagasse, but now it is used to make Biomanure, Biofuel, Bioplastic. Now the scientists of ICAR-DMR have given a new gift to the farmers cultivating mushroom by preparing compost from it.

Mushroom Farming: Know how sugarcane increased mushroom production, ICAR-DMR invented technology
Image Credit: wikimedia

This technique is more effective than traditional methods 

ICAR-DMR in its research found that in button mushroom cultivation, the use of sugarcane bagasse resulted in higher yield and higher protein content in the crop as compared to conventional methods. Scientists claimed that the use of this technology would also reduce the cost of production.

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High yield and also beneficial for health 

According to DMR director VP Sharma, scientists have chosen wheat, paddy, mustard straw and sugarcane bagasse to prepare compost for research. After three years of research at many research centers, the result came out that the use of sugarcane bagasse is the best for making compost. Button mushrooms prepared from its compost were found to contain 35 percent protein, high potassium, vitamins B, D and C and many other nutritious elements. Also, apart from being low fat ie fat free and starch free, it is beneficial for health in many ways.

Mushroom Farming: Know how sugarcane increased mushroom production, ICAR-DMR invented technology

What is the price of mushroom products in the market? 

Many types of products can be prepared from mushrooms. Mushroom Papad, Protein Supplement Powder, Pickle, Biscuit, Cookies, Noodles, Jam (Anjeer Mushroom), Sauce, Soup, Chips, Sev and many more products are made. Mushroom papad Rs 300 per kg, mushroom powder Rs 500 to 1000 per kg, 200 grams of mushroom pickle costs around Rs 300, 700 ml bottle of mushroom sauce Rs 300 to 400, mushroom chips Rs 1099 per kg are sold in the market.

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