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‘Mushroom Man’ is growing mushrooms for 27 years

Know how Jitendra Malik of Panipat became the topper in mushroom cultivation


Mushrooms have grown in popularity in India in the last few years. The reason for its popularity is its nutritional value. Mushrooms contain a lot of nutrients and the protein content is very high. That’s why health experts also recommend eating it. In such a situation, mushroom cultivation is a profitable deal for the farmers. Its demand is increasing continuously. Mushrooms are sold expensively in the market. Jitendra Malik, a farmer from Panipat, has been cultivating button mushrooms for 27 years. Kisan of India correspondent Nishit Malhotra talked to Mushroom Man farmer Jitendra Malik on important issues like how to make a profit from mushroom cultivation and how to reduce the cost. 

Mushroom Man is Growing mushrooms for 27 years 

Jitendra Malik has been growing mushrooms since 1995. He started with just 2 sheds and gradually progressed to 10-15 sheds. The people of the area know Jitendra as ‘Mushroom Man’ because he is growing mushrooms very successfully and earning good profits. Jitendra cultivates button mushrooms, a popular variety of mushrooms.

Specialty of button mushroom 

Jitendra says that this mushroom is very tasty and contains a lot of protein. Because of this, doctors also recommend eating it. Due to being tasty, its demand is also high, due to which farmers can get good profit by cultivating it.

Mushroom Man

Winter season is important 

Jitendra says that mushroom cultivation is slightly different from other crops. It is grown only in the cold season, not in summer. If the temperature of a place is high, then AC will have to be installed there. It is sown every year in the cold season.

Cost of production 

Jitendra Malik explains that a shed has to be built for mushroom cultivation and the cost of building a shed is around Rs 2 lakh. Once a shed is made, mushrooms can be grown every year in winter.

Made compost machine 

Jitendra is a progressive and innovative farmer. He made a compost machine in 2006, which can do the work of 60-70 labourers single-handedly. So you can understand how much this will reduce the cost. This machine prepares the best quality compost by mixing compost for mushrooms. This gives more yield.

Mushroom Man

Machine specifications 

According to Jitendra, the specialty of this machine is that it can be used on both raw and pucca floors. It also does the work of loading. The system is designed to release ammonia from manure. Lumps do not even form in the manure by using the machine. Apart from this, the machine also has a built in system for spraying water or insecticide.

President has also honoured 

Jitendra Malik has received many honours for making this special machine. This includes awards received from the Mushroom Directorate of Solan as well as from the ICAR of Karnataka. Apart from this, in 2015, Jitendra Malik has also received the award from the then President Pranab Mukherjee.

How to do packaging? 

Jitendra says that in his farm the work of picking mushrooms starts from 8 in the evening and by 6 in the morning the mushroom packets are ready. He makes packets of 200 grams of it, which is sold in the market for Rs.20-25. According to him, a packet of mushrooms is sold for up to Rs 100 at the time of marriage.

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