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Mushroom Production: Government is giving 50% subsidy to farmers cultivating mushroom in Bihar, apply here

This subsidy will double the income of farmers in less expenditure


Farmers can get good profit at low cost. There are several crops that can help farmers double their income.  Mushroom is at the top of these Horticulture Crops, whose consumption is increasing from village to city. The Bihar government is encouraging the farmers of the state to leave the cultivation of traditional crops and join mushroom cultivation. Bihar government has increased subsidy on mushroom production.

Subsidy on mushroom 

According to the notification issued by the Directorate of Horticulture, Bihar Agriculture Department is giving  subsidy of mushroom cultivation. Up to 50 percent subsidy is given for mushroom cultivation as well as production of its seeds and compost making unit. For setting up a unit of its seed production, farmers will now have to spend only Rs 7.5 lakh instead of Rs 14 lakh. With this farmers will be able to get good income at low cost.

Mushroom Production
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How and where to apply ? 

If you are a farmer of Bihar and want to benefit from mushroom cultivation, then under the Mission for Integrated Development of Horticulture (MIDH), the official website of Bihar Agriculture Department is You can apply by visiting here. Farmers can also contact the Assistant Director in the office of the State Horticulture Department located in the nearest district for more information related to this scheme. Apart from this, farmers can also take information from the Assistant Director of Horticulture in the nearest district for mushroom cultivation, mushroom spawn production, its cost or other information related to the production unit.

Mushroom Production

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‘All in one’ formula for mushroom cultivation 

There is also a problem for the mushroom farmers that farmers have to collect mushroom compost, mushroom seeds and other items from different places, which consumes Mose of the time, labour and resources. In such a situation, if farmers themselves set up ‘All in One’ Mushroom Production Unit, then it will help in reducing the cost of cultivation and earn better profits. 

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