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Nursery Business: Alka Sahni of Nagpur is not only making profit, but also spreading awareness

Made her passion, a profession.


Nursery Business | Do you also like greenery and have a lot of attachment to trees and plants, then you can earn well by making this your choice profession, as Alka Sahni of Nagpur is doing. Alka has been running the nursery since 1996 and now has thousands of species of plants and flowers.

Alka Sahni started doing nursery business professionally in 2010 and the name of her nursery is Kalpataru. She has been a teacher by profession, and spoke to Gaurav Manral, correspondent of Kisan of India, about why she chose the nursery business and what advice she gives to people apart from selling saplings.

Nursery Business

Childhood in the shade of trees

Alka tells that earlier she used to live in Nagpur city, but after Covid she shifted to Nagpur village. Describing her attachment to trees and plants, she says that since her childhood was spent around trees, she loved playing among trees, sitting on trees. As she grew older, her attachment to trees also increased and she used to plant saplings in whatever place was around the house. There were many nurseries in front of her house, where she used to go daily in the evening, then she thought of making this a profession.

Nursery Business

The nursery started under a government scheme

Alka says that in 1996, the Social Forestry Department launched a scheme called Kisan Nursery, in which she enrolled herself and started the nursery. But before 2010, she could not give full time to the nursery, so this work was going on. After this, in 2010, he gave full attention to the nursery and started running it commercially.

Nursery Business

High demand for Rose

Regarding the number and varieties of plants, Alka says that they have thousands of plants and many species. All the customers who visit their nursery give the same feedback that maximum variety is seen in their nursery. One reason for this is Alka also tells her hobby because she herself is fond of collecting different varieties of plants. Along with this, he told that he has plants ranging from flowers to plants with medicinal properties like Giloy, Shatavari, and Ashwagandha. She says that the demand for colorful rose flowers is very high.

Increases beauty with oxygen

Alka Sahni says that since Corona, the demand for indoor plants with oxygen has increased like Areca Palm, Peace Lily, Snake Plant, etc. These plants not only look beautiful when kept in the house but are also helpful in increasing the amount of oxygen in the house.

Nursery Business

Every plant is important

Earning money cannot be the sole purpose of doing any business and Alka follows the same thing. She tells that if a customer comes and asks her whether this plant will die or not? So Alka tells them that if you cannot take care of it then don’t take it and you are taking it then it is your responsibility to keep it alive.

Alka says that she sells plants only after seeing people, if she feels that the person in front will not be able to take proper care of a plant, then she sells him a plant with low maintenance so that the plant is fine and the person remains interested in it. According to him, every plant is very important for him, because today even if its price is only 5 or 10 rupees, later when this small plant will become a tree, its value will increase.

Nursery Business

Plants are necessary for life

Alka is not only running the nursery business, but she is also working to make people understand the importance of trees and plants in our lives. Alka says that some people say that there used to be garbage from the plant, so we removed it, she tells such people that the day you carry an oxygen cylinder on your back, then you will understand the importance of these plants. She says that the garbage does not spread through trees and plants, rather it is sitting in the minds of the people.

Not just profit, But satisfaction is important

Alka says that she never thinks much about the revenue, just that the people working with her and her expenses go on. They get real happiness and satisfaction by seeing smiling plants and blooming flowers.

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