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One should learn from this woman the use of technology in organic farming, Iravva is the ‘marketing guru’ of her area

Due to middlemen, we could not get the right price for the produce, today we are successful entrepreneurs


Organic farming, drip irrigation techniques, selling your products directly in the market instead of middlemen are some of the things that can make you a successful agricultural entrepreneur. Just like Iravva Shivananda Mathapati. She has not only set an example in her area by becoming a successful women entrepreneur, but also inspired other farmers to earn more profits with self-reliance.

Who is Iravva Shivananda Mathapati? 

Iravva Shivananda Mathapati, a resident of Mudkavi village in Ramadurga taluka, Karnataka, comes from a poor farming family. She worked hard with her husband on the barren and rocky land. There was no irrigation facility either. On her 10 acres of land, she used to cultivate fruits as well as many other crops, but due to middlemen she could not get the right price. His financial condition became worse. After this she decided to sell her crop and value added products on her own. In no time she went from poor farmer to successful woman entrepreneur. 

 organic farming
Image Credit: Department of Agriculture & Farmers Welfare

She cultivates these things 

Iravva Shivananda Mathapati has planted 300 Mango, 300 Sapota, 35 Jamun, 200 Citrus trees as well as Drumstick, Guava, Mahogany, Curry leaves, Pomegranate, Sandalwood trees in her 10-acre farm. There are trenches between the rows of trees to store rain water. Drip irrigation technique is used throughout the farm and there is also a pond to store rain water.

Her farm is a fine example of self-reliance. Here Biodigester Tank, Vermicompost Pits, Biogas Plant, Powertiller, Pickle Carrying Vehicle, Pickle Manufacturing Unit, Godown to Store Pickle Everything etc. is made in the form itself. Iravva Shivananda Mathapati produces the necessary seeds for organic farming, fertilizers, beejamrut, jeevamrut etc. on her own, so that she does not have to depend on others for anything. Also, she sells her crops and products directly through Mandi, Gramin Haat and e-marketing for higher profits.

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Image Credit: exportersindia

Training from ATMA group boosts confidence 

The training received from ATMA group not only encouraged her to take up organic farming but also boosted her confidence and she came to know about many different farming techniques. She is also a member of District Level Farmers Advisory Committee (DFC) of ATMA group in Belgaum district.

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Earns 7 lakh rupees annually 

She is earning around 7 lakh rupees annually through organic farming of fruits and vegetables and production of value added products like pickles, chutneys, spreads.

Honored with many awards 

In 2011, the University of Agricultural Sciences, Dharwad honoured her with the Best Krishi Mahila Award. In 2018, she was given the National Level Woman Farmer Award by ICAR and Doordarshan. Agricultural university students from several states visit her farm. She is also spreading the techniques of organic farming in her village and surrounding areas. 

 organic farming
Image Credit: Department of Agriculture & Farmers Welfare

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