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Organic Fertilizer: Manure made from egg shells is very beneficial for plant growth and soil health, know how to prepare

Fertilizer made from egg shells is rich in nutrients


You will often eat boiled egg or make different dishes from it and throw the shell along with other kitchen waste. But do you know how useful this peel is for plants. Manure made from egg shells can be used in the field as well as in the kitchen garden.

The cost of cultivation of farmers increases further by buying pesticides and fertilizers, but if they use natural fertilizers, then it reduces the cost as well as increases the fertility of the soil. Manure of cow dung is not only the best, apart from this, manure made from egg shells is also very beneficial for plant growth and soil health.

egg shells
Organic Fertilizer. Image Credit: gardenista

Benefits of compost made from egg shells 

Egg shells contain 91 percent calcium carbonate, which is essential for plant growth. This leads to proper development of plants. Due to its presence, plants absorb other nutrients well and make their food well.

The quality of tuber vegetables is further improved by this compost. Apart from calcium carbonate, eggshell also contains nitrogen, potash, phosphorous, calcium, magnesium, zinc and chloride etc. All these elements are useful for the health of both plants and soil.

Eggshell compost helps in reducing the acidity of the soil 

If the soil is acidic, then the use of eggshell manure will be very beneficial, as it reduces acidity of the soil. Eggshells contain all the micronutrients needed for plant growth. It also contains uronic acid, amino acid and sialic acid. Egg shell powder can be prepared and used as a fertilizer or it can also be used to make liquid manure. 

egg shells
Organic Fertilizer. Image Credit: balconygardenweb

How is compost made from egg shells? 

To make eggshell powder, the skins are first washed and dried thoroughly in the sun for 3-5 days. The peels are not damaged by drying. After drying, grind it in a pestle or mixer grinder to make a powder. This powder can also be used in the home garden. 

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One tablespoon powder made from egg shells contains 750 to 800 milligrams of calcium and other nutrients. This powdered manure can be used to increase the quality of compost and cow dung. This fertilizer is cheaper than the chemical fertilizers available in the market. It also does not cause any harm to the environment. The powder prepared from egg shells can also be used in the feed of chickens, which fulfills their calcium needs.

To prepare liquid compost of eggshells, it is boiled in water like tea because it spoils quickly, so it should be used immediately. Farmers can also earn extra income by making manure from egg shells.

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