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Paired Row System : Best method for cauliflower cultivation, good yield and better profit

Planting at a short distance gives good crop


Although cauliflower is available in the market throughout the year, but it is the main vegetable grown in winter. Apart from vegetables, it is used in pulao, paratha, pickle, soup, salad etc. India is the largest producer of cauliflower in the whole world. Cauliflower is grown here in 4,60,000 hectares of land. Cauliflower is rich in vitamins, minerals and fibre. The demand for cauliflower is always there, so the cultivation of cauliflower is beneficial for the farmers. For higher yield of cauliflower, farmers can cultivate it by paired row system.

Paired Row System : Best method for cauliflower cultivation, good yield and better profit
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Cultivation of Cauliflower with Paired Row System 

An experiment was conducted by experts from Krishi Vigyan Kendra, Panchmahal, Godhra, Gujarat in 2015-16 and 2016-17 to see the difference in production by cultivating cauliflower plants at multiple intervals in rows. Experts selected 40 farmers and started cultivating Pusa Katki, a hybrid variety of cauliflower, in their fields. These farmers were given tests on various aspects of cauliflower cultivation.

The farmers were required to have 60X60 cm spacing (in which 27,777 saplings were planted per hectare), 60X45 cm (in which 37,037 saplings were planted per hectare) and paired system, in which 60X60 cm between two rows and two Plants were asked to cultivate with a distance of 30X30 cm. In the coupled system 74,074 saplings were planted per hectare. That is, the maximum number of plants were planted in this method.

Paired Row System : Best method for cauliflower cultivation, good yield and better profit

Advantages of Paired Row System 

In this way, more plants were planted per unit area. Proper use of manure, water etc. was possible and the crop was also increased. The quality of the crop also improved which increased the income of the farmers. Krishi Vigyan Kendra found on the basis of trial that the highest yield of all the three methods was obtained from the paired row system. This gave an average yield of 230.91 quintals per hectare and the highest profit was Rs 99,093, while 60X60 cm. 50,174 for planting at a distance of Rs. 50,174 and 60X45 cm. A profit of Rs 65,940 was obtained by planting at a distance of Rs. From this it is concluded that the income of the farmers can be increased by the coupled row system.

Climate and Soil

Cool and moist climate is required for the cultivation of cauliflower. It grows well in 15 to 25 degree centigrade. For this, sandy, loamy soil is good and the pH of the soil should be less than 7. There should also be proper drainage system in the field.

Paired Row System : Best method for cauliflower cultivation, good yield and better profit
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Keep these things in mind for farming 

  • Cauliflower seedlings are first prepared in the nursery, then before transplanting in the field, 2 to 3 times the field is well plowed.
  • Then apply 10 tonnes of decomposed cow dung and 10 kg of carbofuran in 1 acre of land. Then plow.
  • At the time of transplanting, apply 50 kg DAP, 50 kg potash, 25 kg urea, 10 kg carbofuron, 5 kg jam in 1 acre of land.
  • Get the soil tested once in 3 years and use fertilizer accordingly.

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