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Polyhouse Farming: Bheru Ram of Rajasthan got 10 times profit, from one acre to 10 lakh rupees

Crops are grown in polyhouse under controlled temperature


In polyhouse farming, crops are not harmed in any way due to low or excessive rainfall or hot climate. The temperature inside the polyhouse is controlled with modern technology. This also increases the production of the crop. 

The farming has changed completely now. With the addition of tools and other techniques, farming is now carried out inside plastic sheds rather than in the open. It is called polyhouse. It is not affected by adverse weather outside. You can maintain the internal temperature according to you. Along with this, the infestation of insects inside it is also less. The crop can be grown without using harmful pesticides. It also has an advantage that you can grow any crop in any season. Farmer Bheru Ram of Basedi village of Jaipur district also adopted this technique and he got 10 times profit. Progressive farmer Bheru Ram spoke to Gaurav Manral, correspondent of Kisan of India. 

Polyhouse Farming

Farming is done in less water 

Bheru Ram says that due to lack of water in Basedi village, farmers first adopted drip and sprinkler method for irrigation. After this, polyhouse farming was adopted, because it requires less water and more profit. An acre in open farming would earn a profit of hardly Rs 1 lakh, while in polyhouse an acre yields Rs 10 lakh. In addition, two crops can be taken in a year. He tells that the farmers of this village are very progressive. When any new technology comes, they adopt it immediately. A solar plant has also been installed here and a farm pond has also been built, in which rain water is collected.

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Polyhouse Farming

How was farming done before polyhouse? 

Bheru Ram says that earlier there was not much problem of water, so wheat, peas, groundnut, guar, millet etc. were grown as main crops. Then due to the problem of water, the way of farming also changed. Cucumbers, tomatoes and similar vegetables from Thailand, Netherlands are being grown in polyhouses instead of traditional farming. The returns from these crops are also high. He says that now hybrid seeds of all crops have started coming, which gives more yield. Earlier, 60-70 quintals of onion crop was produced in one acre, but hybrid seeds yield up to 300 quintals.

Polyhouse Farming

Everyone benefits from polyhouse 

Bheru Ram says that it is getting 10 times more profit than open farming. In such a situation, if everyone starts doing polyhouse farming, then the needs of the growing population can be met. The polyhouse changed his fortunes, as it was impossible to make such a profit in open farming. He further says that he is very satisfied and happy by setting up a polyhouse. 20 thousand rupees is achievable in one acre for open cultivation, whereas in polyhouse, 2.5 lakh rupees are available and very less water is also used in it. That’s why Bheru Ram believes that farming in polyhouse is the best way. 

Bheru Ram advises other farmers to first apply drip irrigation and then set up green house/polyhouse after earning profit. He believes that this will change the lives of farmers.

Polyhouse Farming

Advantages of Polyhouse 

  • It requires less water, pesticides, chemicals etc.
  • The crop can be grown in any season. 
  • The crop is not affected by the external climate.
  • The effect of pest is also less and the quality of crop is good.
  • The yield is 5 to 10 times higher.
  • The cultivation of vegetables, fruits and flowers saves up to 90% of water and increases the shelf life of the produce.
  • The need for fertilizer is also less.
  • Ornamental plants can be grown well in it.

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