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Sprayer Machine sprays 1 Acre of field in 20 minutes

This product is Made in India, know about this product


New agricultural implements are being developed day by day to make farming easier and increase the profits of the farmers by reducing the cost. Thanks to new technology and equipment, farming is no longer as difficult as it used to be. Sprayer machine has a special role in agriculture. This is how pesticides and fertilizers are sprayed. Earlier, separate people had to be engaged to do this work. It used to take a lot of time and cost. The work was also not perfect. There are many types of sprayers available in the market now. A company named Crystal Crop Corporation Limited has also made a sprayer machine which is completely indigenous. To know how this machine will make farming easier, farmer of India correspondent Deepika Joshi spoke to Nishant Awasthi, Deputy Manager, Crystal Crop Protection Limited.

Sprayer Machine

What is a sprayer machine? 

Sprayer machine is such a special agricultural equipment, with the help of which farmers can easily spray liquid fertilizers and pesticides in their fields. It also removes the problem of labour shortage, as farmers can spray themselves with this machine. Earlier, farmers used to spray pesticides manually, which took a lot of time, but the sprayer machine has made this task easy. There are many types of sprayers available in the market these days. Some are attached to the tractor, some run on batteries.

What is the specialty of the sprayer machine? 

Nishant Awasthi, Deputy Manager, Crystal Crop Protection Limited, says that his company is an agro chemical based company, which provides farmers with agro chemicals as well as many types of farming equipment. His company has designed such a sprayer machine, which consumes one litre of fuel in two hours. It has a water tank with a capacity of 20 litres of water. With this, one acre of field can be easily sprayed. 

Sprayer Machine

Nishant Awasthi explains that this machine has 2 stroke engine. There is a pump inside, which discharges 8 to 10 litres of water per minute in a minute. In the front, there is a long tube-like protrusion, which is called a lance. It is fitted with 3 nozzles, which delivers 2 liters of 700 ml spray per minute at a time. The rest of the water goes into the tank. Due to this, the chemicals present in the tank keep mixing continuously, that is, the farmers do not have to mix them again and again.

Battery operated sprayer

Nishant Awasthi told that his company has also made a battery-operated sprayer. It has the facility of fast charging, due to which the battery gets fully charged in 6 hours. Also it has a tank capacity of 16 litres. It also has a 3.5 litre per minute water pump. It is made from best quality plastic. Nishant Awasthi told that this product is completely Made in India. 

Sprayer Machine

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