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Punarnava Jal – The world’s first organic fertilizer! Know how it is beneficial for farmers?

The chairman of Asian Agri History Foundation told us how to make Punarnawa water?


Agriculture is mentioned in many ways in our Vedas. I got to see the same thing at Pantnagar University where I met Dr. SPS Beniwal, Chairman, Asian Agri History Foundation. In this article you will learn how to make this natural or organic fertilizer and how it will benefit small farmers?

How was the Asian Agri History Foundation started? 

Beniwal said that this institute was established in 1994. Its founder believed that we did not have such books which could tell us about the farming of ancient times. It is a non-profit organization. Our biggest objective was that the literature related to farming should be made available to the farmers. He also mentioned a book called ‘Vriksha Ayurveda’. This book was written 1000 years ago by Ved Surpal ji. It describes how to apply Ayurvedic things to trees and plants.

What is Punarnava Water? 

He told that this is the world’s first organic fertilizer. At that time, animal bones and fish were boiled in it. Along with this cake, jaggery, husk, urad were also put in it. Its name in Sanskrit means something from which a lot of odour comes. There is no need to apply any fertilizer or pesticide after using it in the field. By putting it, the growth of trees and plants increases.

How to make Punarnava Water? 

  • Take a drum of 200 litres
  • Add 15-20 kg cow dung
  • Add 10-15 litres of cow urine
  • Take 2 kg of jaggery
  • Take 2 kg of urad 
  • Add mustard and neem cake 
  • Put a copper road 
  • Add 20 kg weed 
  • Add castor, neem, guri leaves
  • Add Kaner, Mango, Sitaphal leaves

organic fertilizer

How is the synergy between technical farming and organic or natural farming practices?

He said that holistic approach should be adopted to do good farming. You should also use technology in farming with this organic fertilizer. By applying this manure, the land can be made fertile in two to three years.

What is Beniwal ji’s guru mantra for farming? 

He told that the use of organic manure is successful for the small and marginal farmers because it will cost less. Farmers should move towards integrated farming. This means that you will get good yield by using it at less cost. 

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