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Scientific method of ornamental fish farming increased income

There is immense employment potential in ornamental fish farming in India.


Nowadays, people are very fond of keeping colourful beautiful fishes in the aquarium at home. The demand for such fish is gradually increasing not only in the country but also in foreign countries. There are immense possibilities of employment in this field. C Lalmingthanga, a farmer from Mizoram, also chose ornamental fish farming as his main occupation. Today he is earning a good income from this.

Income was not enough 

C Lalmingthanga, 28, from Mizoram owns 2.5 acres of land. However, instead of farming, his family mainly depends on fishing. Earlier, they could not earn enough from this. The reason for this was the lack of skill in the field of fish farming.

Skill development through training 

C Lalmingthanga attended a training programme. Agricultural Technology Management Agency (ATMA) had organized this training program in February 2021 under Skill Training for Rural Youth (STRY) on ‘Fishery Farming and Management’. This made him aware of the scientific techniques of ornamental fish farming.

ornamental fish farming
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What did you learn in the training program? 

Identification of male and female fish, correct method of breeding in fish, preparation of balanced diet for fish from locally available ingredients and how to prepare pond for fish farming, he got all such information from the training.

How much profit has increased from ornamental fish farming? 

By doing Ornamental Fish Farming with scientific techniques, C Lalmingthanga gets a net income of Rs 20,000 per month.

ornamental fish farming
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Role model for rural youth in ornamental fish farming 

Lalmingthanga is not only taking his business forward, but also helping other farmers of the village to move forward by explaining the importance of scientific fish farming. Along with this, he is also motivating the youth to come in this field.

Keep these things in mind in ornamental fish farming 

Keeping fish in water requires careful management. Try to give the fish as natural an environment as possible. The pH value of water, oxygen level should be suitable.

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Livebearing and Egg-laying Species 

Most of the livebearing and egg-laying species are raised as commercial varieties. Fish of livebearing species give 20 to 25 babies every month. On the other hand, the fishes of Egg laying species first lay eggs and then the children come out of those eggs. Babies come out from eggs between 28 hours to 72 hours. 

Main Livebearing Species



Sword tail


Egg layers

Main Egg-laying Species


Any carp

Zebra danio

Black window tetra

Neon tetra

Serpent tetra

ornamental fish farming
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Employment prospects 

According to statistics, 60% of the world’s supply of coloured/ornamental fishes are freshwater fishes. In such a situation, there are more possibilities of rearing such fish in India, because there are more sources of fresh water here. Along with this, the demand of these fish is also increasing rapidly in the country. In such a situation, ornamental fish farming can become a good source of profit for the farmers. Along with this, it can also provide employment to people on a large scale. Most of the ornamental fishes in our country are reared in North East India. 

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