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Scientific technology is beneficial in goat farming

Due to goat rearing, this engineering graduate set up his business, earning well


Farmers in rural areas who do not have much cultivable land can get good income from poultry, deer and goat farming. If goat rearing is done in a scientific way, then good profit can be earned from it. Chandan Biswas, a resident of Andaman and Nicobar, is doing the same. Within two years, he has almost doubled the number of goats and now plans to raise 100 goats.

Goat rearing in a scientific way 

Hailing from Mithakhari area of South Andaman, Chandan Biswas is an engineering graduate. Instead of looking for a job, he chose goat rearing business related to farming. It started in 2018 after ICAR-CIARI got in touch with Animal Science Division, Port Blair. With the advice of experts, he is doing goat rearing in a scientific way. He started goat farming with 2 male and 27 female goats. Made a shed out of bamboo and locally available materials for them to live in. Azolla grass and many mineral supplements are given in the fodder.

Chandan Biswas also does scientific breeding. Organic fertilizers are made from the urine and faeces of goats. He also does fodder cultivation himself. Due to the adoption of scientific methods, the number of goats increased from 29 to 73 in just two years.

goat rearing
Image Credit: ICAR-CIARI

Earn from poultry farming

He is also rearing Vanaraja, a breed of chicken. He has 250 Vanraja chicken breeds. Home delivery of its eggs and meats. With the advice of scientists, he converts agricultural waste into manure. It is sold at Rs 20 per kg.

Use of technology

ICAR-CIARI gave him all kinds of technical advice. Selection of female and male goats, scientific management, breeding management, mineral supplementation, use of goat excreta as manure, health calendar, recording of body weight, growth parameters, etc. He has planted moringa, gliricidia, jackfruit and subabul trees in the fence of the farm. They are used as fodder. Apart from this, hybrid napier and maize are also grown for fodder. Due to the use of scientific techniques, the number of goats has increased from 29 to 73 in two years and their weight is 20-25 kg.

goat rearing
Image Credit: squareyards

How much is the income?

In the last one and a half years, he has sold 15 goats for meat, whose weight was 22-25 kg. These were sold at the rate of Rs 500-600 per kg. For breeding, he sold a goat, which weighed 32 kg, at Rs 900 per kg. At this rate they sell their goats. Apart from this, he is also earning by selling fertilizers at Rs.20 per kg.

goat rearing
Image Credit: ICAR-CIARI

The quality of goats is good if goat rearing with scientific method. Profits increase as the weight increases. Apart from this, additional income can be earned by making compost from waste. Fodder is also grown by itself, due to which there is no need to buy it, which means the cost is reduced. 

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