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Solar Powered Paddy Threshing Machine is beneficial for small farmers

Economical and lightweight utility machine.


Solar Powered Paddy Threshing Machine | India ranks second after China in rice production. Along with the production, the consumption of rice is also high here. It is the staple food of West Bengal, Orissa, and Assam. The maximum production of rice in our country is in West Bengal, Uttar Pradesh, Andhra Pradesh, Punjab, Haryana, and Tamil Nadu. Despite hard work, small farmers get little profit from paddy cultivation because they do farming in the traditional way.

They need access to modern expensive agricultural machines. The work of threshing paddy is also done by the farmers themselves in many places. It takes more time and labor. Also, it is not possible to transport heavy threshing machines in hilly areas. Apart from this, the need for more electricity in all the areas is also a different problem. Considering all these problems, scientists have made a solar-powered and pedal-operated paddy threshing machine. It separates the rice grains properly without breaking them.

What is Threshing?

Threshing means separating the grain from the husk. Rice is separated from the husk by paddy threshing. In the traditional method, farmers used to do threshing by hand, but gradually many threshing machines were made to overcome the labor shortage problem and save time.

However, these machines are expensive, and due to their heavy weight, it is impossible to move them quickly from one place to another. So the scientists made an economical, lightweight, and solar-powered threshing machine. Its specialty is that if solar power is unavailable due to bad weather, it can also be operated with pedals.

Paddy Threshing Machine

Suitable for small farmers and mountains

The solar powered special Paddy Threshing Machine is fitted with a solar panel and a battery. It is charged by solar energy. It is also equipped with a pedal unit so that the machine does not stop when the battery is not charged and can be operated manually. The machine being lightweight can be easily carried anywhere and is also suitable for hilly areas. Also, its cost is less than other threshing machines, and since it runs on solar energy, farmers in areas where there is no electricity can also use it.

Paddy Threshing Machine

Machine Specification

The height of this machine is 750 mm. to 1267 mm. and the height of its pedals can be adjusted as per convenience. With this, paddy is threshed at 31 percent moisture. On evaluating its efficiency, it was found that it stood at 99.58% with solar power and 98.54% with paddle. While threshing rate per hour was 231.67 kg per hour with solar panel and 66.3 kg per hour with paddle.

In the evaluation, the threshing efficiency of this machine was found to be up to 98 percent. The grains of rice were not broken during threshing, while the quantity of unthreshed grains remained only 1.8 to 1.9 percent.

In this way it can be said that this machine is very useful for small farmers. This will save their time, labor and also increase profits.

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