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Technological Invention : Desi Plow to Seed Drill machine

Amrit Lal of Madhya Pradesh Made modern seed drill machine by investing only 1500 rupees


A farmer knows his needs very well. How to make farming easy, he is engaged in this effort. One such attempt by Amrit Lal Dhangar, a resident of Mandla, a tribal district of Madhya Pradesh, was successful. He made a cheap and durable seed drill machine from the available resources.

Technological Invention : Desi Plow to Seed Drill machine
Image Credit: financialexpress

Sowing started by line method 

Amrit Lal Dhangar used to sow paddy, tur, wheat and gram by broadcasting method in his five acres of land. In this method the distance from plant to plant was not the same. Seeds were also used more and production was also less. They were not getting production more than their cost. Then Amrit Lal Dhangar contacted Krishi Vigyan Kendra (Krishi Vigyan Kendra, KVK) of his district. KVK advised them to do sowing by line method.

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10 percent more production by line method 

On sowing by line method, they got 10 percent more production in Kharif and Rabi crops than before. He used a rented seed drill machine to plant the seeds. In this way the confidence of Amrit Lal Dhangar on new farming methods and techniques increased. Amrit Lal got the idea, why not make his own machine instead of taking it on rent that can be connected to a country plow.

The sowing of the crop was to be done in a systematic manner and for that a seed drill machine was required. Renting a machine every time also had an impact on the cost. That’s why Amrit Lal kept on thinking day and night that how to make a seed drill machine at a low cost. He kept on doing many experiments and one day he got success too.

How to make seed drill machine from available resources? 

Amrit Lal took an aluminum vessel of capacity 5 litres and attached it to a hollow pipe. A hole was made to control how much seed to put. This seed drill machine made by him is suitable for sowing of 5 different crops. He combined the machine made in this way with his indigenous plow. Being light in weight, it can be operated easily. In this way Amrit Lal converted his indigenous plow into a modern seed drill machine.

Technological Invention : Desi Plow to Seed Drill machine
Image Credit: jawaharlal nehru krishi vishwavidyalaya

High production taken in paddy at district level 

This indigenous seed drill of Amrit Lal made him popular among fellow farmers. He achieved high production in paddy at district level by using this bull driven seed drill. For this he was also awarded the first prize.

More than 200 farmers have bought this seed drill machine 

So far, more than 200 farmers have consulted him for making this seed drill machine. The total cost of making this machine is about 1500 rupees.

What is Line Method? (Line Method for Sowing Seeds) 

In line method, line to line and plant to plant distance is kept equal. In this method the seeds are dropped into the soil with the help of equipment like seed drill, seed-cum-ferty driller or mechanical seed drill. The seeds are then covered with a wooden plank or harrow. In this method the seeds are kept at proper and uniform depth.  


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