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Artificial Insemination (AI Tech): know how Sarojana got success in dairy sector due to AI technology

Animal Husbandry Department gave full cooperation for Artificial Insemination technology


The government is also promoting artificial insemination technology for conception in animals. How use of this technology has changed the income and milking capacity of cattle owners, know in this article.

Animal husbandry is one of the main sources of income for the farmers in rural areas, but getting good breed animals is a challenge for them. In such a situation, Artificial Insemination technique can be very beneficial for them. Although some farmers are hesitant to adopt it, but the government is also trying to promote this technology. Many farmers who have adopted this technique have achieved success in the dairy industry, one of them is Irku Sarojana of Telangana.

Number of animals increased from 2 to 50 with Artificial Insemination technology  

When Irku Sarojana, a resident of Ashok Nagar village in Khanapur mandal of Telangana started her dairy venture, she had only two cattle. Today she has 50 animals and this has become possible due to artificial insemination technology.

Sarojana did not have enough money to buy even a cow. She was provided with two animals under the welfare activity sponsored by the government.  After this, she resorted to artificial insemination method for breeding animals. She took loan from bank for this. Due to the utmost care of the female calves born through this method, the animals are healthy.

Artificial insemination
Sarojna at her farm (Image courtesy : Ministry of Rural Development)

Advice received from animal husbandry department

She was advised by the Animal Husbandry Department about various diseases of animals. Mouth and foot diseases are prominent and vaccination against them is a must. Sarojana is happy that there is no infectious disease in her animals and none have died. This is the reason that she gets more milk, due to which her income is increasing.

Production of 50 litres of milk per day 

She receives up to 50 litres of milk every day, of which 30-40 litres she supplies to Vijaya Dairy. The rest milk, she sells locally to meet her expenses.

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What is artificial insemination technology? 

Instead of inseminating the animals naturally, artificial methods are used. In this technique, the semen of the male animal is conceived by putting it in the womb of the female animal using a special technique. The semen is stored with the help of special technology and the semen of one male animal can be used to inseminate many female animals. This technique is specially used to obtain good breed animals. The government is also promoting this technology to obtain high quality cattle. Under the Rashtriya Gokul Mission scheme, animal owners are made aware of this technique by the government. The special part is that with the help of artificial insemination, 20,000 cows can be bred in an year using one bull.

artificial insemination
Image courtesy : KVK-ICAR

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