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Goat Farming: This woman chose goat farming instead of a good job, today she is one of the progressive farmers

She is raising 82 goats


India is the largest country in the world in terms of goat rearing. Goat rearing is very much liked in rural areas. One of the major reasons for the popularity of goat farming among the people is that goats adapt easily to any season.

By the way, if we talk about progressive farmers in animal husbandry and farming, then you must have heard the names of most men, because women are expected to do a good job and not choose agriculture or animal husbandry as a career. Large population of women in rural India is employed in agriculture and allied sectors, but among these progressive women who can do something different on their own are very few. In this article, we are going to tell you about one such woman. You will read further about what did Barnali Baruch Dwarah, a resident of Charing Duarapara village in Assam’s Sibsagar district, do something different that changed her identity. 

 goat farming
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Raising 82 goats 

People know Barnali Baruch as a progressive woman farmer. She has also done masters. Usually after doing masters, people go out to look for a good job, but Barnali did not do so. She chose animal husbandry as a profession, tried her hand at goat rearing and today she is raising 82 goats.

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Taken training from many institutes 

When Barnali stepped into the field of animal husbandry, she did not know much about it. 

For this, she took training from many different institutes like ATMA Sivasagar, Department of Veterinary Medicine and Assam Agricultural University. She started goat farming only after taking training and got involved in it with full dedication and hard work. 

goat farming
Image Credit: Department of Agriculture and Farmers Welfare

Many breeds of goat are reared 

In Assam’s climatic conditions, what kind of goats can be reared, it was discovered and then started rearing different breeds of goats. He reared Assamese Pahari Goat, Beetle from Punjab, Sirohi Goat from Rajasthan and Jamunapari Goat from Uttar Pradesh. 

 goat farming
Image Credit: Department of Agriculture and Farmers Welfare

Inspiring many other farmers too 

As Barnali’s experience grew, so did his work. He saw that like him many others are also struggling to increase their earnings. After this Barnali went to the local people and started sharing his experiences related to goat farming with them.

Along with this he took another initiative, under which he started preparing a balanced diet containing protein, minerals and calcium for the goats. Also started the cultivation of Napier, Hybrid Napier, Dinanath and Maize for green fodder and food. In this she helped by the Assam Agricultural University and Krishi Vigyan Kendra located in Jorhat.

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goat farming
Image Credit: Department of Agriculture and Farmers Welfare

Now Barnali rears chicken, banaraja, broiler, khaki campbell and duck, apart from goats, according to the demand of the market. When the profit increased, then they also got into fish farming. She rears fish in a pond built at her home in about two and a half bighas. Along with this, she also produces vermicompost from goats, birds and other agricultural waste for sale.

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