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Tomato Cultivation: Nethouse technology adopted to reduce cost in tomato cultivation

Tomato hybrid seed production


After potatoes and onions, if any vegetable is in most demand, then it is tomato. Tomatoes, which enhance the flavour of lentils, vegetables, are also used to enhance the skin. Tomato is also beneficial for health, it contains vitamins, potassium as well as many types of minerals. Since the demand for tomatoes remains constant throughout the year, tomato cultivation can prove to be a profitable deal for the farmers, but the high cost of hybrid seeds increases the cost of cultivation. To deal with this problem, Rita Devi, a woman farmer from Ramgarh district of Jharkhand, started production of seeds and started making profits from it.

Who is Rita Devi? 

27 years old tenth pass Rita Devi is a resident of Ramgarh district of Jharkhand. She cultivates one hectare of land. Due to the high cost of hybrid seeds in tomato cultivation, Rita Devi’s cost was high and the profits were low. In view of this, she herself started producing seeds. For this she built a net-house costing 1.5 lakhs and started transplanting during November to December on 0.25 acres of land. Being a woman farmer, this technique was suitable for her. She started hybrid seed production by transplanting the female plant at 60 cm x 45 cm and the male plant at 60 cm x 45 cm spacing.

Tomato Cultivation
Image Credt: agricoop

Success with dedication 

Rita Devi took training from Krishi Vigyan Kendra, Ramgarh for seed production. It was because of the training, technical support from ATMA officers and his dedication towards the job that made him successful. The production of hybrid seeds of tomatoes gives them a profit of 2 lakh 20 thousand a year. 

Inspired other women farmers 

Seeing the success of Rita Devi, other women farmers of the area were also inspired to produce hybrid seeds of vegetables. This work not only has benefits, but it also requires high skill. The seed companies also benefited from women farmers coming forward. They started getting skilled labour easily for seed production at the district level. 

Tomato Cultivation
Image Credit: agricoop

Soil for tomato cultivation 

Tomato cultivation is done in our country mainly in Rajasthan, Karnataka, Bihar, Orissa, Uttar Pradesh, Maharashtra, Madhya Pradesh, West Bengal and Andhra Pradesh. Sandy loam, loamy black cotton soil and red soil are considered good for good tomato crop. Sandy loamy soil is rich in organic matter, so it is best. It is also important to have proper drainage system.

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Some improved varieties of tomato 

Farmers can earn more profit by sowing improved varieties of tomatoes. Some of its improved varieties are as follows: Arka Saurabh, Arka Vikas, ARTH 3, ARTH 4, Avinash 2, BSS 90, Co. 3, HS 101, HM 102, HS 110, Selection 12, Hisar Anmol (H 24), Hisar Anmol (H 24, Hisar Lalit (NT 8), Krishna, KS 2, NA 601, Naveen, Pusa 120, Pant Bahar, Pusa Divya, Pusa Gaurav etc.

Suitable climate for tomato cultivation 

Hot and humid climate is considered best for tomato cultivation. Too much rain damages the crop. For this, normal rainfall is considered good, while there should be proper irrigation system for planting crops in the summer season.  

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