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Tomato Farming turned an Andhra Pradesh Farmer into a Millionaire in 45 Days!

In recent weeks the prices of tomatoes have surged from Rs 150 to Rs 200 per kilogram in the markets.


Tomato farming in India is a widespread and lucrative agricultural practice. Farmers cultivate tomatoes in diverse climates and soil types across the country. Improved seeds, modern irrigation methods, and pest control technologies have boosted yields. India is a significant exporter of tomatoes, contributing to both domestic and international markets.

Tomatoes are an essential part of the Indian household. But, in recent weeks the prices of tomatoes have surged from Rs 150 to Rs 200 per kilogram in the markets. The rise in the prices of tomatoes is attributed to environmental, logistical, and market factors. The cost and availability of tomatoes are usually dictated by seasonal patterns. As a result, July is generally more expensive than other times of the year because it sits between harvests.

As the current prices are at record highs, customers are waiting for the prices to go down. Whereas tomato farmers, mainly from Maharashtra, Karnataka, Andhra Pradesh, and Himachal Pradesh, have turned millionaires. The steep rise in tomato prices this season turned around the fortune of an Andhra Pradesh-based farmer. He earned Rs 4 crore in 45 days from selling tomatoes.

Earned 4 crore from tomatoes yield

According to the TOI reports, the 48-year-old farmer Murali from Chittoor district in Andhra Pradesh has earned a whopping Rs 4 crore by tomatoes yield in just 45 days. He remembers when he was still a child, his father earned Rs 50,000 from selling the produce of tomatoes. The cash was then safely stashed away in an almirah, and the entire family would worship that furniture (almirah) daily. Little did Murali know then that he would one day make such a significant income from the same crop.

As stated in the report, Murali has been in tomato cultivation for the past eight years. Previously, he had to travel over 130 km to sell his produce in Kolar. He has to do so because the APMC (Agricultural Produce Market Committee) yard offered him a reasonable price there. Murali’s joint family in Krakamandal village had inherited 12 acres of land. He purchased an additional 10 acres a few years back. However, he ran into a debt of Rs 1.5 crore, which he had invested in seeds, fertilizers, labor, transportation, and other logistics. The fall in prices, the poor yield, and frequent power cuts in the village added to their misery.

Inspiration for struggling farmers

Murali’s road to success has been filled with difficulties and setbacks. Despite facing adversity, this year, his hard work paid off. He achieved 35 harvests, possibly another 15-20 more to come. He has cleared all the debts and could still rake in Rs 2 crore in 45 days.

Further, he plans to invest the remaining earnings in land and involve himself in horticulture on a larger scale, deploying modern technology. Additionally, he also plans to buy about 20 acres of land in the village to expand his agriculture ventures. Moreover, he advises all those farmers in distress over crop failure and mounting debt, saying: ‘One who believes in and respects agriculture will never lose the fight.”

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