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Use of Spot Fertilizer Applicator is beneficial in Cotton Cultivation

India ranks first in terms of area in cotton farming worldwide, but it does not come first in terms of production.


Cotton Cultivation and Spot Fertilizer Applicators | India ranks first in terms of area in cotton farming worldwide, but it does not come first in terms of production. There are many reasons for the low productivity of cotton. It includes not having suitable soil, a proper irrigation system, and the right distribution of fertilizers.

Manures and fertilizers have a significant role in cotton cultivation. It is necessary to use them in the correct quantity for higher production. When spraying fertilizers by hand, they do not reach all the plants correctly. That’s why scientists created Spot Fertilizer Applicators. Using this equipment, the fertilizer is evenly applied to all the plants, and there is no wastage of fertilizer. It helps to reduce the cost of cultivation.

Cotton Farming

India produces the largest area of ​​cotton in the world, and Maharashtra has the largest area under cotton cultivation. Cotton is the second most important cash crop in Maharashtra. Cotton is cultivated on a large scale in the state’s Khandesh, Solapur, Sangli, Satara, and Jalgaon districts. Apart from Maharashtra, its cultivation is continuously increasing in Karnataka, Gujarat, and Andhra Pradesh.

Cotton does not require much water, so that farmers can cultivate it even in water-scarce areas. Yes, proper use of fertilizers is essential in its cultivation.

Cotton Cultivation
Spot Fertilizer Applicators

How the Spot Fertilizer Applicator Works

This machine ensures the proper use of fertilizer in the cotton crop. It does the job of composting faster and more efficiently. Since cotton plants have a sizeable row-to-row distance and plant-to-plant distance, there is a lot of wastage when manuring them by hand. They cannot reach the roots of the plants properly. While the spot fertilizer applicator machine does this job very well.

It applies fertilizer in the right amount and in the right way near the root of each plant, leaving the seed gaps in the row of plants. The machine senses the presence of plants along the row with a mechanical plant detection device. Then, it applies the correct amount of fertilizer through the fertilizer distribution tube by activating a fertilizer cut-off device near the root of the plant. It can be operated in conjunction with a compact power tiller.

Cotton Farming
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Machine Advantages

This machine is useful for cotton as well as crops with high row spacing like pigeon pea, maize, sugarcane. It also helps in applying granular fertilizer i.e. Urea, DAP in such crops. This machine is able to identify the plants so that fertilizer is not applied in the gap of two rows of seeds, which means it prevents the wastage of fertilizer.

Its plant detection mechanism is easy, the cost of the machine is low. It is robust as well as low maintenance, which makes it useful for small and marginal farmers as well. This machine also works for weeding. Along with reducing the cost of fertilizer, this machine distributes it evenly in all the plants, due to which the production of the crop is good. The profit of the farmers also increases due to the reduction in input cost.

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