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Polyhouse Technique: ICAR-IIVR technical support led to success in the protected cultivation

Avnish Patel harvested capsicum 15 times


The way the country’s agriculture is being affected due to climate change, there is a need to use new technology in agriculture so that there is no effect on crop production. One such technique is polyhouse. In the polyhouse technique, farmers need to use advanced technology at the right time. Otherwise, the yield can be affected. A similar incident also happened with Avnish Patel from Bangalipur village of Varanasi.

Image Credit: ICAR

Starts Capsicum Cultivation In Polyhouse

Avnish Patel constructed a naturally ventilated polyhouse in 0.25 acre area and cultivated tomatoes with the help of the State Horticulture Department of Uttar Pradesh. But, the tomato crop failed, and he faced huge losses. On the advice of a team of agricultural scientists, he cultivated capsicum in the polyhouse and got successful.

In July 2021, scientists from the ICAR-Indian Institute of Vegetable Research (IIVR), Varanasi, visited the polyhouse. After monitoring the situation, it was revealed that the tomato crop failed due to a lack of technical knowledge in protected cultivation. The scientists used the polyhouse to demonstrate capsicum and tomato cultivation.

Image Credit: ICAR

Adopted Hybrid Varieties

Technical assistance was provided by scientists from ICAR-IIVR for growing capsicum varieties Swarna Atulya and two hybrid varieties from private companies named Rehana and Huntington. Apart from this, all agricultural activities were also monitored by agricultural scientists.

As a result, Avnish Patel harvested capsicum 15 times (up to the second week of May 2022), yielding a total of 2,864 kg in 7 months and a net income of Rs. 1.27 lakhs from 0.25 acre. He demonstrated his success story at the International Conference on Vegetable Research and Innovation for Nutrition, Entrepreneurship, and the Environment (ICVEG-21), organized at ICAR-IIVR, from 14th to 16th December 2021.

On February 17, 2022, a field day on protected cultivation was planned to showcase the technology to other farmers. Dr. TK Behera, Director of ICAR-IIVR, has promised to provide technical assistance to other polyhouse owners in eastern Uttar Pradesh.

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