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Vermicompost Business: Dr. Shravan Yadav gives free training to farmers to make vermicompost

In the last two years, about 40 thousand youths have been given training to make vermicompost.


Earthworm Manure/Vermicompost | Due to high production, chemical pesticides, and fertilizers have been used rapidly in the last few decades. Its effect is slowly showing in the form of the poor health of the environment and humans. This is why people are gradually demanding organic things, and farmers are also adopting organic farming. But to get good production from organic farming, the manure must also be wholly organic and nutritious. One such fertilizer is earthworm manure.

Vermicompost is the best organic fertilizer prepared with the help of kitchen, animal farm waste, and earthworms. By adopting Vermicompost as a business where the youth can earn a lot of profit, the need for the farmers’ fertilizer will also be fulfilled, but for this, the youth must know the right way of making Vermicompost.

In this situation, Dr. Shravan Kumar Yadav is helping him. In the last two years, he has trained about 40 thousand youths to make vermicompost. These youngsters are now running their own Vermicompost business. Dr. Shravan Kumar gives free training to the youth on the 25th of every month. Sarvesh Bundeli, Kisan of India’s correspondent, discussed Vermicompost’s business with Dr. Shravan Kumar Yadav in detail.

Vermicompost Business
Dr. Shravan Kumar

Ph.D. in Organic Farming

Dr. Shravan Yadav has done his MSc and Ph.D. in organic farming and is taking his father’s work forward. His father received the Best Organic Farming Award from the Chief Minister of Rajasthan in March 2022 for his commendable work in organic farming. Shravan Yadav is taking his father’s work forward. Shravan Yadav has also been awarded the IARI Best Innovative Farmer Award for his excellent work.

Started my own Business

Dr. Shravan said that after 13 years of research on organic farming, he started the Vermicompost business by starting his own Vermicompost Unit. Initially, he had to face many social difficulties, but after overcoming them, he traveled from 17 to 1100 beds. Dr. Shravan started his vermicompost business with 17 beds, and today he has become the country’s largest Vermicompost firm with 1100 beds.  He has a brand called Dr. Organic Vermicompost Farm.

Vermicompost Business
Dr. Organic Vermicompost Farm

Work on many Methods

He is not only giving training to the youth, but is also providing vermicompost to the farmers at an affordable rate. They give 2500 earthworms per kg. Earthworms are very important for Vermicompost. Dr. Yadav says that the infrastructure of his Vermicompost unit is very economical. He works here on different methods.

They tell the farmers and the youth which method they find most economical and profitable. Apart from vermicompost, they also provide vermiwash. It acts as a plant promoter. Spraying it improves plant growth.

Vermicompost Business

What is Vermicompost?

Vermicompost is an excellent organic fertilizer, it is also called earthworm manure. It is made with the help of kitchen waste, cow dung and earthworms. It takes about 45 days to get ready. Its specialty is that like chemical fertilizers, it does not contaminate the environment and increases the fertility of the soil. Actually, it contains nitrogen, phosphorus, potash in abundance, which help in increasing the production of the crop.

Vermicompost Business
Earthworm Manure

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