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Vermicompost Business: Know what precautions Ram Pandey of Noida takes in his business

Maintenance of earthworms and right selection of cow dung is important in vermicompost business.


Organic fertilizer is a major factor in organic farming. What can be a better organic fertilizer than vermicompost? That’s why many people are promoting organic farming by doing the work of making fertilizers without directly joining farming. Ram Pandey of Noida also does vermicompost business and he has been running the vermicompost unit for the last 2 years.

Ram Pandey discussed these important issues in detail with Kisan of India correspondent Sarvesh Bundeli, what are the things that need to be taken care of to earn profit from Vermicompost business and how to make good quality compost.

Vermicompost Business

Starting with 60 beds

Ram Pandey is running his vermicompost unit in Mohiyapur village near Noida. He says he has a logistics business, which he is still running today. However, 2 years back he thought of starting some different business so that even if there is a loss in one, he can make up for it from the other. He started the business of vermicompost under the name Shree Saket Vermicompost. Initially, he started his business with just 60 beds, and today his unit has more than 200 beds.

Purpose of choosing a business

Explaining the reason behind choosing this business, Ram Pandey says that it will help the farmers and the environment will also benefit. This is because organic farming is the need of the hour and vermicompost is very important for organic farming. Cow dung is used in vermicompost, so these dairy farmers for whom cow dung disposal is a big problem when cow dung is purchased from them, then their problem is solved and nutritious manure is prepared.

Vermicompost Business

Is training necessary to make vermicompost?

Ram Pandey says that no special training is required to start this business. You just need to be a little cautious and keep yourself updated. He says that before starting this business himself, he went to some vermicompost units and talked to people and understood the business. Even today, he talks to the people associated with this business, from which he keeps getting new information.

He says that to do this business, it is only necessary to know how much moisture should be there and how to maintain earthworms. They are very important in this business. Suppose there is an earthworm worth 10 lakhs, then the rest of the things will be done in only 2 lakhs, so the aim of the farmers should be to save the earthworms.

Vermicompost Business

Why is plastic sheet necessary?

Regarding this, Ram Pandey says that the first plastic sheet is laid so that the earthworm does not go into the soil. Also, bricks are placed around the plastic so that the earthworm does not come out from the side. He says that if a farmer wants to start the business of vermicompost, then he should meet and talk to people associated with this business around him. They will come to know where the related materials like bricks, plastic sheets, stubble, etc. are available.

How is an organic fertilizer made?

Explaining the process of making vermicompost, Ram Pandey explains that cow dung is first collected in one place. Then water is poured into it so that its heat is released. Then his bed is made.

Ram Pandey says that usually, people make a bed of 30 feet. But if someone has more space then a bed of 40 or 50 feet can also be made. If the space is less then a bed of 20 feet can also be made. After making the bed, earthworms are put in it. The quantity of earthworms is added on the basis of one kg per square foot i.e. 30 kg earthworms are needed for a bed of 30 feet.

Vermicompost Business

After this, the bed is covered with straw from above and water is poured so that the moisture remains. After 30 days, the bed is raked by removing the straw and gradually it is removed and sieved by machine. Actually, when the cow dung starts melting after adding water, then the earthworm eats it. After that, the layer of earthworm feces starts freezing in it and vermicompost is actually the feces of earthworms. Compost is prepared in 60 to 80 days and this time depends on the moisture content of the bed.

If there is less moisture, it takes more time and there is a danger of death of earthworms. Ram Pandey says that earthworms of Acina foetida species are used to make manure.

What are the things to keep in mind for profit?

Ram Pandey says that cow dung should be used for manure. It should not be very old and at the same time, it should not be mixed with other garbage. If the cow dung is good, the manure is made quickly and well.

Along with this, other things also have to be taken care of like it is necessary to cover the bed well with straw. A thick cover is required in summer, whereas in winter no cover thicker than stubble is required. After this, it is also necessary to maintain moisture. Watering can be done twice in summer and one day in the winter season.

Vermicompost Business

Ram Pandey says that all these things are decided according to the weather, there is no one rule for it. Along with this, he says that labor management is also very important to be successful in this vermicompost business.

Vermicompost manure helps in the growth of plants and its use also reduces the chances of pests and diseases in the crop. That’s why its demand is increasing continuously, in such a way good profit can be earned from vermicompost business.

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