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Weekly market is a hit among these women farmers, getting good price and saving time and money


Self-help groups play an important role in the upliftment of poor women in rural areas. It motivates them to move forward as well as provides financial help. The Government of Karnataka helps such self-help groups under the Sanjeevani scheme. There are 32 Self Help Groups under Raddera Naganoor Gram Sangh of Gadag district. Women belonging to these self-help groups run weekly markets in the village itself. Since there is a weekly market in the village itself, these women do not have to go far to sell their produce. This saves on other expenses including the cost of their transportation.

The weekly market built in the village

The women of the earlier groups had trouble finding a market for their produce in the village itself and had to travel far for it. As a result, the cost of transportation increased and the income decreased. All the office bearers of Raddera Naganoor Village Sangh took necessary guidance from the officers in charge of Sanjeevani Yojna and then it was decided to open a local weekly market, which would benefit both the buyers and the women. Where it was easy for the sellers to sell their goods, the buyers also started getting the goods available nearby.

Total 702 families live in Raddera Naganoor Gram Panchayat. There are 310 families in Raddera Naganoor village, 212 families in Khanapur and 180 families in Gangapur, which have a total population of 4050, under this panchayat area.

Women farmers

Good business, Good income 

The weekly market was launched in 2019. On the very first day of the market, 56 traders participated and more than 25 thousand rupees business was done. Before Covid 19, more than 80 traders used to participate in it every week. Its turnover was more than 80 thousand rupees. It also helped in increasing the income of poor women of Self Help Groups, which improved their standard of living.

Women farmers

Buyer’s favourite place 

Weekly bazaars are emerging as a favourite place of buyers, where fresh items are available to them and farmers are also getting good prices by selling here. It is also ensured that there are no intermediaries in the market. The weekly market that started with a few traders now has about 1700 self-help group entrepreneurs. This type of weekly market helped the rural population, especially women, to become financially self-reliant. 

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