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Artificial Insemination is solution to a big problem of dairy sector

Know how Xcell Breeding is helping animal owners by Artificial Insemination


Dr. Gajendra singh Bamnia, a resident of Gujarat, laid the foundation of Xcell Breeding in 2012. He himself is a veterinary doctor by profession. In this sense, he was well aware of the problems of cattle rearers. He not only thought about the future of the dairy sector, but also created employment opportunities with the technique of artificial Insemination in animals.

Dr. Gajendra singh Bamnia is a Veterinary Doctor by profession. After graduating in 2004 in the subject Bachelor of Veterinary Sciences & Animal Husbandry from the College of Veterinary Science and Animal Husbandry, Gujarat, he worked for about 3 and a half years.

Dr. Gajendra Singh says that he comes from a Gujarati family, so there was always an urge to do something for himself. With the aim of doing business, he earned an MBA (International Agri-business) degree from International Agri-Business Management. Then he got involved in research with the aim of doing something new and effective in the dairy sector.

How did they design their business model? Dr. Gajendra Singh Bamnia gave detailed information on every aspect related to Artificial Insemination.

Why chose dairy sector? 

Dr. Gajendra Singh loves to read books. Referring to a book ‘You Can Win’ by author Shiv Khera, he says that there is a line in it, “Every problem comes with an equal or greater opportunity for success.” That is, every problem brings with it equal or many more opportunities for success. He did research about the problems in the field of animal husbandry. Dr. Gajendra Singh tells that there are around 20 crore cows in our country and the number of buffaloes is about 10 crore. Out of 20 crore cows, 80 percent are indigenous and unknown breeds. Their average milk production is 2.5 litres.

The remaining 20 percent comes from foreign breeds such as Holstein Friesian, HF cows, Jersey Cows and crossbreds. Their average milk production per day is 5 litres. We have the largest number of cattle in the world, but we lag behind in production. Dr. Gajendra Singh further says that there are breedable winning cattle in our country, even 50 percent of them are not able to breed. This is the biggest problem of the dairy sector. That’s why he started a firm named Xcell Breeding & Livestock Services Private Limited in 2012 with an aim to improve the future generations of cattle through breeding.

Artificial Insemination in dairy farming
Image Credit: Xcell Breeding (facebook)

How is Xcell Breeding helping livestock farmers?

Xcell Breeding mainly provides high quality Frozen Semen Dosage to the cattle breeders. In this artificial insemination program, advice related to sale of semen, sale of cattle, breeding of cattle is given. The cattle are tagged and all important information is recorded. Semen of all dairy breeds are available with Xcell Breeding.

Artificial Insemination in dairy farming
तस्वीर साभार: Xcell Breeding (facebook)


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How are semen doses delivered? 

Liquid nitrogen and liquid nitrogen containers are used to hold semen doses. Keeping semen doses in containers maintains their quality. Dr. Gajendra Singh told that he takes high quality semen from five big companies of Gujarat and then freezes it and delivers it safely to the livestock farmers. Along with this, the company also provides many essentials including tags, gloves, etc. If someone wants to open a dairy farm, then they can also get consultancy here. Bullocks, heifers and cows also assist in the selection of cattle to buy or sell.

Dr. Gajendra Singh told that he also runs a non-profit organization (NGO). Under Prayas Seva Foundation NGO, youth are given training in Artificial Insemination. This is a three month course. Participants take training from this center and then get associated with the company. In this way, Dr. Gajendra Singh is also working to create employment opportunities. The company has more than 400 experienced AI technicians. Xcell Breeding services are available in all areas of Western Uttar Pradesh and Kutch in Gujarat. Apart from this, the company also provides animal feed and animal insurance services.

Artificial Insemination in dairy farming
Image Credit: Xcell Breeding (facebook)

Important information about insemination 

Dr. Gajendra Singh told that even in cattle, there is an estrous cycle. When cattle come into heat, they have to be inseminated within 16 to 18 hours. Whereas the cow stays in heat for one to two days. In the meantime, they can be incinerated. Insemination during summer increases the chances of conceiving. Dr. Gajendra Singh also informed about the symptoms of cattle coming in heat. Frequent urination, reddening of the back, restlessness, discharge, all these indicate that the animal is overheated.

After insemination, it is to be checked in two and a half to three months whether the cattle is pregnant or not. It is examined manually or through sonography. Dr. Gajendra Singh told that the pregnancy of a cow is about 9 months and 9 days. Whereas in buffaloes it is around 10 months and 10 days. Therefore, the company keeps the data of whether the cattle is pregnant or not, how it’s delivery was done and whether the offspring is a calf or a heifer.

Artificial Insemination in dairy farming
Image Credit: Xcell Breeding (facebook)

Took loan, Faced difficulties but didn’t give up 

Dr. Gajendra Singh did not have money to start a business, but his goal was clear. He got funding under AC&ABC scheme under MANAGE Hyderabad. He got a loan of Rs 20 lakh. For this loan, his father-in-law mortgaged his house. Dr. Gajendra Singh says that this was a big deal for him.

He got full support from his family members. But the problem came when they he did not get subsidy. Yet people’s faith and trust was with him. Many people had joined him because of his business model. This strengthened his morale and he never looked back. Today his company has made a different identity in the field of Artificial Insemination. So far this company has given its services to about 7 lakh farmers. Xcell Breeding has also worked with companies like TATA AIG General Insurance.

Artificial Insemination in dairy farming
Image Credit: Xcell Breeding (facebook)


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Dr. Gajendra singh Bamnia has developed a biometric technology. Soon he is going to patent it. Talking about this technology, Dr. Gajendra Singh said that this technology related to animal husbandry and dairy sector will save Rs 400 crore annually to the government. Delhi-based Pusa Agriculture has also given him a funding of Rs 5 lakh for this technology.

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