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Hydroponic Farming: Know how Hydroponic produce earns like ‘Organic Farming’?

Agricultural products produced by hydroponic technology are free from harmful chemicals and pollution.


Hydroponics means the ‘technique of growing crops without soil’. In modern farming, yields are obtained by providing suitable crop nutrition through a liquid medium in a protected environment. The most important thing is that the entrepreneurs producing agriculture with the Hydroponics technique are selling their products at a good price in the market. They do this by declaring them equivalent to ‘Organic Farming’ and earning good profits. The logic behind this is that the vegetables grown by hydroponic technology are far more chemical-free and cleaner than those grown by any other method. The pollutants are also negligible in this production without soil and in a highly controlled environment.

Hydroponic method can reduce Import

According to Dr. Ashok Kumar Singh, who is working as Deputy Director General (Agriculture Extension) at the Indian Council of Agricultural Research, New Delhi, India currently imports foreign green salad worth more than Rs 50 billion annually. This burden is significant for the country’s foreign exchange reserves. The pleasant aspect of hydroponic technology is that due to this, imported varieties of fruits and vegetables can be produced in the country at a low cost. Due to this, where the import burden decreases, the consumers also get the product they choose at a lower price.

Hydroponic Farming
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Hydroponics Technology is spreading rapidly

According to Dr. Ashok Kumar Singh, it is an undisputed fact that due to many reasons, where the availability of cultivable land is continuously decreasing, the soil fertility of the existing fields is also continuously decreasing. In such a situation, it is becoming difficult to meet the demand for food grains of the growing population. Hydroponics technology is rapidly expanding by becoming the best alternative to traditional farming. However, in practical terms, no matter how profitable hydroponics technology becomes, it cannot be overlooked as a way to improve soil efficiency.

Hydroponics produce is better for Health

Not only scientific research but also agricultural entrepreneurs have now successfully proved that due to the hydroponics technique, it is possible to grow plants much faster than soil, but the yield from such farming is also much more beneficial for health. is better. The use and prevalence of hydroponics technology are increasing in horticulture crops and vegetable cultivation. Hydroponics technology has proved to be relatively more useful in the case of horticulture crops that are produced in less time.

Hydroponic Farming
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Lot of demand in Super Markets and Online

Apart from spinach, strawberries, some other vegetables and flowers and especially exotic varieties of vegetables, this technique has given good results. This is the reason that apart from the super markets present in the big cities of the country, the graph of sale of agricultural products prepared by hydroponic method is continuously increasing in the case of online marketing as well. The increasing attraction of people towards such products is the result that now a large number of hydroponic farming products are being purchased daily in well-known hotels, restaurants, cloud kitchens, corporate canteens etc.

Excellent option for Progressive Farmers to increase Income

Looking at the increasing awareness among common people about the health and quality of food items, it can be expected that in the coming times, the demand for agricultural products produced by hydroponic technology will increase further. That’s why hydroponic technology offers endless possibilities of new opportunities for agri-entrepreneurs as well as progressive farmers and people who have a hobby interest in farming. Obviously, such people should try to open a new door of prosperity for themselves by adopting hydroponic technology as soon as possible.

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